Whether you’ve tried one too many new year’s resolutions, feel like it’s time for a drastic change, or want some challenges to do to reinvigorate your life, a 30-day challenge is a great place to start!

You can do pretty much anything for 30 days if you are committed to it, so it’s easier to adjust to psychologically than trying to transform your life forever after.

A month is almost enough time to establish a habit, so if you’re keen to take a step forward, it’s a short-term process that might just stick.

Doing one thing every day can add up to significant gains, so if you decide there is a particular part of your life that needs attention, taking one step a day will add up to miles over the month of your challenge.

Let’s look at our top five 30-day challenges to do that could change your life for the better!

1. Take a digital detox

It has to be top of the list! Spending hours of your time swiping, scrolling, posting – it all adds up to days of the year that haven’t led to anything productive.

The mental health impacts of excessive social media use are well documented, as is the damage caused to our eyesight from staring at screens for a big chunk of the day.

There are a few ways you can approach these 30-day challenges with screen time:

  • Remove apps from your phone, and only log in from your desktop.
  • Set yourself a limit on how many times or how much time you can spend on the apps you use the most.
  • Adjust your mobile settings – most smartphones have a digital health checker or allow you to create a wind-down mode.
  • Use the ‘work mode’ or ‘focus mode’ options whenever you wish, and eliminate those pings interrupting your head all the time.

After a month of minimal screen time and limited social media use, you will sleep better, feel less stressed, and probably decide you’re never going back!

2. Drink enough water

Water is one of those things we take for granted (until we don’t have it!) and is vital to our wellbeing in so many ways. The recommendations are:

  • 5 cups or 3.7 liters of water per day for men.
  • 5 cups or 2.7 liters of water per day for women.

Of course, you need to drink more if you live somewhere warm, exercise, or feel dehydrated, so those are guidelines that you can adjust as you need to.

If you spend 30 days carrying around a good size water bottle and commit to drinking your full amount every day, you will have clearer skin, a healthier digestive system, and also benefit from a better night’s rest.

3. A random act of kindness

While it might seem something less likely to have a physical benefit, rest assured that showing a little kindness can work miracles when it comes to mental health, self-esteem, and your feeling of renewed purpose.

You don’t need to do something drastic or let anybody know, but your mind will flourish in the knowledge that you have paid it forward, even in a small way.

  • Pay for a cup of coffee, or a meal, at a deli or coffee shop for somebody less well off (many coffee stores allow you to pay for products for the homeless, for example).
  • Buy an item and donate it to your local food bank.
  • Call on a neighbor, relative, or friend who lives alone.
  • Send somebody you love a bunch of flowers or some cupcakes.
  • Offer to help with a chore, project, or task.
  • Volunteer an hour or two of your time at a social outreach project.
  • Give your spare change to a donation pot or charity box.
  • Buy your co-worker a snack when you shoot out for lunch.

Taking action, without seeking recognition or acknowledgment, for other people’s benefit has been shown to benefit the giver in extraordinary ways.

4. Go for a walk

Walking is a simple, easy, accessible form of exercise that is great for our physical health, heart health, energy levels, and general wellbeing.

You could:

  • Walk to the office instead of driving.
  • Take the neighbor’s dog for a stroll.
  • Go for a lap of the block on your lunch break.

This helps you reconnect with yourself, have some time and space to think, and notice all the small things that make our world beautiful.

5. Write in a journal

Take ten minutes out of your day, whether that’s first thing in the morning or when you’re settled down in the evening, to write down your thoughts, feelings, or even just what you ate for lunch that day!

Journaling can be a great way to reset and refocus:

  • It helps you to process your emotions.
  • Writing down challenging experiences can make them easier to manage.
  • You can see patterns and identify what is bringing you happiness and what is not.
  • Keeping a journal helps you to be more present and mindful.
  • It can support confidence and let you rationalize your actions.

Over time, you can see where your choices are taking you, and a journal can turn from daily exercise in mindfulness to a powerful tool that shapes your life and the journey you take.

Finding the Best Challenges to Do in 30 Days

The common thread in all of these challenges is that you don’t need any special resources to do them. They won’t take up enormous amounts of time or disrupt your schedule. You don’t need to engage anybody else if you don’t wish to – this is about you, after all!

However, committing to something and then achieving it is a compelling way to bring energy to your day and show yourself that you are, indeed, capable.

Every one of these 30-day challenges provides tangible, long-lasting benefits, be that to your mental health, physical health, or emotional wellbeing.

Pick any one of these five, and let us know how you get on!

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