When the 3rd eye awakening happens, there are some remarkable effects on your thinking and feeling.

The third eye (also known as the mind’s eye situated between your eyebrows) is the sixth chakra with powerful abilities. Usually, this area or chakra becomes active when the person has reached a certain level of awareness and consciousness. Once that the individual possesses compassion, love, integrity, and responsibility, then the third eye opens and reveals new ways of self-development.

If you want to know if your third eye is awake, here you have 4 signs that will help you recognize it:

1. Intuition

If your sixth chakra is opened, the first skill you will earn is intuition. You will be able to tell what, how or when something will happen before it actually does. It is a subtle feeling that will guide you and which will develop more and better with time.

2. Different thinking

You look for self-improvement and you start adopting different thinking. You start giving up on old habits, old attitude and you want a mental and spiritual evolution. You start reflecting on your life or life itself, you start questioning what you know or what you hear/see. You start analyzing and searching for new ways of development – either society development or personal development. You no longer accept a version of an answer, but you seek the truth and want to know more.

3. An open mind

Your 3rd eye awakening allows you to understand complex situations or concepts which before might have been too complicated for you. You start seeing a situation from many angles and you are able to understand its numerous aspects. You are also able to communicate your feelings and thoughts with ease.

4. Seeing outside of the box

Your thinking is no longer shaped by what people or mass media tell you. You see through words and you are able to pick up the real meaning/reason behind actions. You are in touch with your senses, with life, with nature and you can understand the hidden messages you receive from them (i.e. synchronicity).

If you feel that you have reached or you are experiencing the 3rd eye awakening, then it means that your third eye is opened. Feel free to share your experience with us!


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