Too often, we find ourselves within our comfort zone, we get into a rut that we just cannot step out of. How does this improve us as a person? It doesn’t.

Yet, stepping out of our comfort zone is a daunting task for many of us. Here are four of the most useful tips to be found to help you push your boundaries and get more out of your days.

1. Take Risks

There are times where taking a risk is stupid. Jumping traffic to get to work a few minutes early, skip that. Yet, offering to pick up a project at work when you know your boss is going to offer it to someone else, yeah that is a manageable risk.

It might mean you have more on your plate for the day or week, but you will be in the eyes of your superior. Now, they can see you are an asset to the company, and that could mean a promotion.

2. Make A New Friend

They say every person comes with a different set of experiences, and that’s true enough. When you make new friends, you get to learn their stories, and sometimes they take you on adventures. Some people want to explore the world but don’t want to do it by themselves.

So open yourself up, make some new friends, and even if you visit a new restaurant every week, you’ll have something to talk about when you aren’t with them.

3. Go After Your Dreams

How many times have you dreamt of doing something, but only putting it on the shelf because it is too lofty? Well, take one down and start going for it. Start small and build on it whenever you can.

No matter what the dream is, if you give it a bit of effort every day, you will achieve it before you know it. Plus, you are making more progress than if you never attempted it at all.

4. Embrace Failures

To be honest, I am afraid of failure myself, but every day I battle with that to get to the place I want to be. Embracing your failures and seeing them as learning opportunities is one of the best ways to really push your boundaries. Even if it is hard to do, see every situation as another hurdle in your life, just got to keep pushing on.

Our comfort zones are both good and bad. While they do keep us safe at times, helping us know when a situation isn’t the best, they can also hold us back.

Sometimes you really do need to take a step, not a leap, out of your comfort zone. Remember, sometimes if you just take a like chance, you could positively impact on your life!

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