While it may sound bizarre, there are many ways we can trick our brains into being more productive, creative, or overall more useful.

No need for pills, fancy fruits, or even a trip to the doctor. No. We can hack our brains at home, every single day of the week. Why? Who does not want their brain to perform at its peak?

1. Stressing about Stress = More Stress

You just went to the doctor, and they told you that you need to lower your stress level or they are going to have to put you on some anxiety medications. Sound like a familiar story? How about, if you do not lose the weight soon, you are going to have to undergo surgery? Sounds even scarier to me.

So, now that your doctor has successfully added more stress to your lifestyle, what are you going to do about it?

Stop stressing!

Yep, two words that need to be taken more seriously. If you are stressing about a situation, that means you acknowledged it. What that also means, it that you should act on it.

If you are taking steps to remedy the situation, stop stressing. The more you worry, the less likely you are going to act on your decisions, and the less likely your actions are going to benefit you. You can beat the stress cycle, you just have to acknowledge it and move on.

2. Looking Confident Means You Will Be

For many of us, looking and acting the part (in life) is what we have to do on a daily basis. From working at a business to being a technician, we have a uniform that makes us who we are. While normally I would say something about not letting your uniform define you, I will build off of it.

Belonging to a group is what gives many of us confidence. When you go to apply for an interview, you dress up, shine your shoes and do everything you can to look the part for the job.

Why? Because you are saying “I belong, I can fit it, I am confident I can do the job” really, it is as simple as that. Have confidence in yourself and do what you need to do to look confident too. People tend to notice that trait before anything else.

3. Your Memories Are Not as Sharp as You Think

As many of us would like to believe, we do not have perfect memories by far. In fact, what you think you remember may actually be false. Of course, you do not mean to remember it incorrectly, it is just what our brain does.

The term for that is called false memories, and in While it may sound bizarre, there are many ways we can trick our brains. Use these brain hacks to help refine your brain and become a better you!a study done by Lawrence Pathis of the University of California is that we often just remember the last time we had to recall the memory.

What that translate into, is over time, we will miss details and swap them with something else. While not intentional, we are often very vehement on what we remember. So next time someone says a story a bit different than yours, try to keep this in mind, as one of you (or both) could be experienced false memories!

4. Surround Yourself with Likeminded Individuals

More commonly we know guilt by association as the main reason our mothers yelled at us as kids because a group of “friends” did something bad. Well, the same goes with success. If you want to be successful, why surround yourself with people who are always bringing you down?

To achieve greatness, you need others who also want to do well with their life or are doing well. Not only can they give you great tips to get through some tough times, they can also help you avoid them! Your brain will also try to emulate them through new interests, or taking up new habits.

While it may seem like giving your brain a swift kick is not always a great idea, when it comes to improving yourself, most of us need a little motivation. It is very easy to be lulled into a less cognitive way of life, yet of your brain as a tool, you can soon realize it can be honed and refined.

Use these powerful brain hacks to help refine your brain and become a better you!

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