In our society, we value intelligence and most people strive to become experts in their field.

As life would have it, the smarter and more experienced we become, we often forget even the simplest of things. So while you are making progress in your studies, here are some simple truths about life and success you need to remember to ensure you are a more well-rounded individual.

1. Practice What You Preach; Preach What You Practice

When you are trying to better yourself or help others achieve their goals, it is important to be consistent. Just because you read a book doesn’t mean you understand it. It goes the opposite as well, just because you can tell someone one aspect of a technique does not mean you know it all.

Be open to new knowledge, but also be willing to practice it.

2. Happiness and Success Do Not Go Hand in Hand

One of the most important lessons many of us have to learn is that being happy does not need to be dependent on you being successful. In fact, you can often be happier on your way to success, meaning you experience failures than if you were an overnight wonder.

Learning and creating this new successful image is what will make you happy. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of “once I make it, I will be happy and my life will be complete.”

If you believe that, you need to reevaluate why you are doing what you are doing. Chances are, the changes you are trying to make will not stick if it means very little to your life path. Every failure you experience is, in fact, a step toward your goal, towards success.

3. You Have More Worth Than a Piece of Paper

The piece of paper I am referencing is your CV. So many “smart” people think that some black lines on a fancy piece of paper are what make them stand out. They do not. While yes, some places look for specific black lines, they need a person, not that piece of paper.

Experience, compassion, and effort are what will truly set you apart from others. You are worth more than some ink. “Sell” yourself and your experiences; chances are you have more qualifications in real-life applications than any classroom can give you.

4. Limit Your Options

The world is yours for the taking, anyone ever heard this saying? I am willing to bet most of you have, yet, it does seem pretty staggering when you have to think of all the decisions you have to make. So instead of looking at the world, slim that down.

You control your life, and you take it in the direction you want to go. That means closing the door to some opportunities that are similar outlandish and concentrating on the ones you can do.

That is not to say you cannot have variety in your life, but with so many options, don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime for something that will entertain you for a few months! Be ready to take the chance, even if you have some doubt. Weigh your options carefully and don’t make the jump based on emotion.

Everyone is intelligent in his or her own ways, from book smarts to street smarts. Each and every one of us brings something new to the table. If you are in a job interview, show them what you can bring to their company, how you can use your experiences to add backing to those little black lines on a piece of paper.

When making choices, know your options and weigh them out. This life is all about making changes, taking risks, so why waste your time pondering when you can spend your time doing what you want. You can be as smart as you want, you just need to remember these tips to help keep you grounded too.

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