Many students consider college as the only way to achieve their dreams. While for other students, their only way out of poverty is through a college diploma.

But for many, college is just too expensive. Sadly, not every high school graduate can afford the high tuition of a college education. Those who risk applying for loans become too indebted in the system that even after getting their degrees, they still worry about the cost of their college education.

Many try to juggle a part-time job with their studies, and while some manage to do it, others fail in balancing them well. This is why there are many drop-outs, and some students even choose to not go to college at all. It’s a shame since so many bright students deserve to go to college yet their financial situation doesn’t allow them.

However, there’s always a way for students to still pursue their dream, because there’s another way to have a degree. Scholarships are available for those who try hard enough.

The problem, however, is that there are thousands trying to get one, so how can they be chosen out of the thousands? No one claims it to be easy, but they can try.

Besides getting a Grade Point Average that’s higher than average, other means to boost their chances of getting a scholarship are available for those willing to give it a shot.

Build a good academic background.

Getting good grades isn’t the only way to see if they’re a model student. They can also do it by participating well in school. Joining contests, academic and non-academic ones, can show how well-rounded they are.

It doesn’t just emphasize their competitiveness but it illustrates that they are capable of training hard to achieve their goals.

Emphasize their strengths.

If they’re good athletes, they can get into good colleges just by being a sports scholar. If they’re creative, check out colleges that specifically offer arts scholarship. If they have great writing skills, there are colleges who even specifically look for prolific writers.

It’s vital that they know their strengths so they’ll also know which school will offer the best chances for a scholarship. Some universities have talent tests in which one can get in just by proving their talents alone.

Consider state colleges and universities.

It’s never about settling for less. Most of the prolific colleges are those with high tuition fees, but universities subsidized by the government can offer a college education for really affordable tuition, and sometimes, for free. So basically, a student is possible to be a state scholar.

Be a leader.

Those people who’ll review scholarship applications don’t only look at how smart the student is, but also how capable they can be. Be part of an organization, and if they can, try to be one of the leaders. If they want to, they can always find in themselves the qualities of a good leader.

Try private institutions for scholarship grants.

It’s not just schools who give away scholarships. There are also private companies who offer to send students to college. There may be a corresponding payment such as a contract that they’ll work for them after college for a couple of years. But if it’s the only way they can have a degree, why not?

Universities won’t easily give away scholarships. So as a student, they have to do their part and prove that they deserve to be sent to college.


Paige Donahue is a copy-editor who enjoys writing and hopes to get her collection of articles published someday. She’s currently considering going back to school but needs a little more motivation.


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