In our world, we strive to be happy. It is an elusive emotional state that we, as a society, believe we need to achieve. While being happy is something to celebrate, there is no exact formula.

Some say, love, some say, family, others say being around other people. To be honest, not everyone is going to fit into a neat little box. So, how can you be happy? You need to drop these four toxic beliefs before you do anything else.  

1. You Cannot Avoid Toxic People

No matter how old you get, you will realize some friendships, heck, even family members are just not worth the time. When you have a person who is constantly dragging you down, making you feel less about yourself, you are interacting with a toxic person.

When you want to be happy, you cannot have someone undermining your efforts the entire time, it just isn’t going to work! Instead, make your social circle work for you. Surround yourself with positivity, sound decisions, and people you would not mind modeling yourself after.

2. You Must Suppress Your Emotions

When you are trying to be happy, having negative thoughts, ill wishes, or anger in general in the back of your mind is not going to help you along in your path. Learn how to express your thoughts and emotions through art, a hobby, or just let it go.

Everyone will get under our skin from time to time, and I am not saying you need to be the picture of Zen all the time. It is okay to flip your lid from time to time, but don’t suppress your emotions as they could even make you sick.

3. You Are Not Entitled To Anything

This will rub many people the wrong way, but in all reality, it needs to be said more often. Unless you work for it, unless you break your back to earn it, and unless you sweat at the forge, you do not deserve to be handed anything.

Too many times, people get caught up in what “they deserve” instead of looking at the path others have taken to get to where they are. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but once you let go of the self-entitlement, you will become a much happier person.

4. Not Realizing Success Takes Time

Success does not happen overnight, that is something many of us know, but we still feel disappointed when it takes longer than a day or two.

If you want instant gratification, go right ahead and try to find something that will give you that. However, to have earned it is much more beneficial to your soul than just being able to slap something together.

When it comes to empowering ourselves, we often have to let go of certain beliefs to get the most out of life. With these tips, I hope you can do some of the things you have dreamed about, or, you got the firm nudge you have been waiting for.

Everyone needs a bit of a reprieve; now it is time to start working towards a bigger picture and truly be happy.

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  1. gary lopez-watts

    belief #3, judging by its description, seems as though it should be that “you are not entitled to anything”

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