When we talk about developing effective measures of communication, we generally mean two things.

One is the fact that our message goes effectively to the right sender, the people who we wish or want to be listening to the message and second is the fact that the message should be convincing enough to enforce them to react in a positive and favorable manner.

This demand or need to be convincing has become an everyday struggle of our conversation. We always try so hard to ensure that through our conversation, people get convinced. Some of the common cases are convincing your class to listen to you, convincing an interviewer to hire you, convincing someone to marry you or convincing someone over an argument.

Rarely do we realize that a lot of convincing is reliant upon the psychology factor. The element that has the ability to make your mind believe that the black color is the new white one.

This means that people should learn how to influence and persuade others through psychology and not just rely on their use of words or length of their speech to be convincing.

However, we completely discourage the dark arts like hypnosis which can control people and make them do what we want, but we are talking about general basic psychology rules.

Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about four ways to use psychology to influence and persuade the people around you.

1. The favor formula

Once upon a time in the past it was noted that Benjamin Franklin tried to win over a man, he said,

“I would try everything, but the man will not just like me and suddenly one day I asked him a favor of lending me this rare book for some time and he did. For that, I was really grateful and thanked him and he liked that gesture. Since then, we have been good friends.

This theory of favor was tested further by researchers and they were convinced that as odd as it sounds, asking a favor from someone can help reignite the influence and likeability factor.

2. Asking for more

Sometimes your mind needs a little bit of falsification. Similarly, so does everyone else’s as well. So whenever you want someone to do something for you which they might otherwise reject, start by aiming as high as you can, but being realistic as well.

Once you do that and they reject it, start slashing down a bit and get them to do exactly what you wanted. This concept is more reflecting on how we get price discounts over expensive products and force our brains to think it is much cheaper when it really is not.

3. Name-Dropping

As weird as it may sound, but sometimes name-dropping works like a magic. If something is stuck and you refer to the right name, it can be done in no time. However, adopting this as a habit can leave a bad impression of you on the others.

4. Flattery

The longest known formula to influencing people is through flattery. Nothing works best than this flattery scene. Praise someone all the time and one day, they will obviously melt down.

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