4 weirdest scientific experiments

//4 weirdest scientific experiments
weird experimentElephants under the influence of LSD

In 1962 U.S. researchers, exploring their curiosity about what might happen to an elephant under the influence of LSD, proceeded to inject the substance. The dose was certainly more than 3,000 times greater than that in a human. The result: the elephant screamed violently and died within an hour. Scientists just reported that the elephant is highly sensitive to LSD.

Resurrecting dead people

Researching how life may be “regained”, Robert Cornish, scientist at the University of California, tried to “breathe” life into corpses in the early 1930s. Creating an artificial heart system and making injections of adrenaline in dead carcasses, Cornish was dismissed from the University for his experiments. Then a death row prisoner named Thomas McMonigle volunteered to become a guinea pig of Cornish, but the state of California rejected this proposal saying that in case of “resurrecting” the prisoner will have to be released!

Sleeping with open eyes

In 1960 researcher Jan Oswald decided to explore whether sleep is possible with open eyes. After he gathered three brave volunteers, he put tape on their eyes to keep them open and then made them watch flashing lights and listen to loud music. Furthermore, electrodes connected to the legs of the volunteers aimed to cause severe pain. The electroencephalography used in the experiment showed that all the three volunteers slept for 12 minutes!

Hypersexual male turkey

Two researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that male turkeys, when placed in a room with a model of female turkey, tend to become excited and go into mating, just as they would if it was a real turkey.

The scientists came to this conclusion because, while gradually removing several pieces from the model of turkey, they noticed that the male was very positive in this whole process. Even when the model had no body!

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4 weirdest scientific experiments