No matter what situation you are in, relationships are always a bit of a gray matter area. While some say that they can predict the future, love is not an easily charted path as some would like to believe.

That is not to say that there are no tips in order to improve, and ensure your relationship has the best possible life! Since we all need a little reminder about what exactly brought us together, we have a couple of the basic tips that will keep the love of your life, in the picture.

1. Touch Daily

Now before you start blushing, touching your partner does not have to include sexual encounters. Holding hands while watching TV is one of the simplest ways you can achieve touching on a daily basis – it requires no extra effort, but it will build the bond between you.

A back rub, shoulder massage, or even a caress of the cheek while you kiss will always make your partner smile. Taking a step above and beyond what you would normally do is sometimes what your partner needs that day.

2. Be Clear-Headed

When talking to your partner, do not needlessly start arguments. Not only does this cause strain, but it makes your partner feel inferior to you. If something comes up that angers you, take a moment to collect your thoughts, and try to see it from their perspective.

Often you can prevent yelling matches by simply asking a few extra questions. Allow them to explain before jumping to conclusions.

3. Spend Time Together

Relationships will fade quickly if the effort is not made to communicate, and spend time together. From having a movie night at your house to going out to dinner, taking the time out of your day for your partner lets them know that you are invested in the relationship.

4. Know Your Boundaries

The best way to doom a relationship is by not listening to your partner. Boundaries, or personal comfort zones, can be pushed on occasion, but you cannot expect a person to live outside of it for their whole life.

With that in mind, see what your partner is looking to gain from the relationship, and how your paths connect. Some issues can be worked on, but others (like having kids) can lead to disaster.

5. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy no matter where you go, and the same goes for in a relationship. Humans make mistakes, and lucky for you, we are all humans. Situations can arise when a relationship is strained, but if you look at it as a learning situation, then it can be fixed.

I am not saying forgive and forget here, I am merely saying that no matter what, you two have a bond that kept you two together. Fight for it if you truly feel like you want to keep that bond.

Relationships have no magic formula – some are meant to be, others fizzle out. Take it all in stride and be thankful for the experiences and life lessons you were able to gain by being a part of that relationship.

One of the best ways to keep you and your partner on the same page is communication, which is a vital aspect of any relationship. With these basics, you have a good handle on what can be expected from a long term relationship. Fight for what you love, but know when to let it come to you.

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