clever riddlesRead these 5 clever riddles and try to solve them. They are not very difficult, so I believe you will easily find the answers!

Riddle 1. “Smart measure”

Someone has a flask of wine and wants to give 1 liter to his friend. How can he measure it without wasting any wine, if he has only a 5 liter container and a 3 liter one?

Riddle 2. “The Empty Room”

A hanged man was found in an empty room with very high ceiling. The room had high humidity and was locked from inside. The question is: how did he manage to hang himself since the room was completely empty, the ceiling was very tall and there was no window?

Riddle 3. “The Bridge”

There is an outpost in the middle of a bridge. The guardian comes out every ten minutes and asks everyone who is on the bridge to go back, otherwise he will shoot. You need fifteen minutes to pass the bridge. How can you do it?

Riddle 4. “Bottle return”

As part of a recycling program, the one who returns empty soda bottles can exchange them for full ones. Specifically, 4 empty bottles are exchanged for 1 full. If a person has collected 24 empty bottles, how many bottles of soda will he drink?

Riddle 5. “The lamp”

There is a room which has one lamp inside and three switches outside. One of these switches is the one that lights the lamp. You have only one attempt to find the right switch. Which switch or switches must be pressed so that when you open the door you will figure out which is the right one, given that when the door is closed you can’t see if the lamp lights or not?

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