We all struggle with putting ourselves to work at times. You may find it difficult to be productive and make decisions, and finally, you get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.

In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits of people with extraordinary willpower and what we all can learn from them.

Here they a few habits that can boost your willpower:

1. Be clear about what it is that you want

How can you know if you should “give in” or “resist” when you don’t even know what the desired result of what you are doing is? Clear goals leave no room for doubts. To find out what you want, you should first get to know yourself.

What we pursue in life stems from our definition of happiness and fulfillment. Think about it. What is the definition of a happy and meaningful life for you?

2. Believe in your abilities

We cannot control everything, but we can control our behavior. The truth comes from within, and our choices reflect our beliefs.

If you believe that something is too difficult to accomplish, then you will probably do likewise and will not see any results. If you believe that you are not good/competent/intelligent enough, then this lack of self-confidence will prevent you from succeeding in life.

So a good starting point would be to analyze your limiting beliefs and try to find out what facets of your mindset are holding you back in life.

3. Solve problems rather than giving up

Changes make us feel uncomfortable, and when faced with hardships, people usually give up too quickly. They lose their motivation and dwell on failure instead of taking real actions to deal with the problems they are facing.

In reality, either consciously or not, people see this approach as an excuse to avoid any change. It makes sense why – stepping out of your comfort zone is always a painful and uncomfortable process.

However, without change, there is no growth. If you want to boost your willpower, you should focus on possible solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

4. Take your responsibilities

Many of us blame external factors or others for our failures. We get trapped in bad habits when we blame circumstances and those around us for the things we actually can control.

When your business is failing, it’s far easier to say that the economic instability in the country is to blame that to admit that you might have made the wrong choices as a manager. This way, we avoid responsibilities and justify our failures, which gives us short-time relief. After all, no one likes to admit their mistakes or feel guilty.

On the contrary, people who have strong willpower take responsibility for their actions instead of running from it. Responsibility is a heavy burden, and only people with extraordinary willpower can carry it.

5. Pay the price

When fear overwhelms us, we remain trapped in the safety of our thoughts and habits. But we have to take risks to get what we want. If you want to boost your willpower, you should leave your comfort zone.

There is no other way. When taking risks and moving into uncharted waters, you should also be prepared that sometimes, you will lose. But without trying (and sometimes failing), there is no success.

Adopt these ways of thinking and practice these habits to boost your willpower and get closer to the life of your dreams. The path to success is never an easy one. For this reason, you will need persistence, motivation, and willpower. Sometimes, all you need is to change your perspective.

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