impressive universeThe universe does not stop amazing us. And not just us! Astronomers often get surprised with things they discover about the origins and the structure of the universe. Read these 5 impressive things about the universe:

1. The Universe is really old

The age of the universe is 13.7 billion years, which is counted from the so-called Big Bang. The truth is that the universe is as old as time, since before the Big Bang there was no time, right?

2. The universe is growing with

 ever increasing speed

In 1920 the astronomer Edwin Hubble (in honor of whom the famous telescope was named) proved that the universeis not static and is constantly expanding, which is accompanied by quite violent processes. The expansion occurs with ever increasing speed due to an invisible but absolutely real power: the so-called dark energy.

3. The universe could be flat

Two opposing forces constantly clash in the Universe: the centripetal gravity (due to the mass density of the Universe) and the repulsive force of dark energy. The universe is endless but not infinite! Sometime it will fall apart under its own weight, and it will be the Big… Crunch

If the density balance reaches the critical threshold, the Universe will open and will become flat like a paper and then will continue to expand indefinitely. Recent studies have shown that the universe may reach this point and a margin of error is only 2%.

4. The universe is full of invisible matter

What we can see is only 4% of the mass of the Universe. The invisible or so-called dark matter reaches 96% of its mass!

5. There may be more than one universe

According to the theory of eternal inflation, after the Big Bang time and space developed at different rates in different parts of infinity. The theory of eternal inflation argues that there are infinite different “bubbles”, i.e. multiple universes, each of which has its own natural laws. However, the theory has not been neither proven nor rejected yet.


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