Much of our history has been lost through translation and lack of documentation. It can be because we take it for granted that the methods we’ve learned and the skills we use every day will always be commonplace and able to be handed down.

Or, records of our creations and undertakings are told as stories and eventually grow into myths, legends, and fables. Maybe some documentation can’t be translated due to the difference in origins, culture, and progression in written language systems. For this reason, there are some incredible discoveries that science can’t explain.

No matter what the reason that certain parts of our world’s history can’t be remembered, no matter the methods which were never passed forward that our ancestors used to create, these things are still being discovered, and are all the more incredible discoveries thanks to the inherent mystery aroused from the questions of the past.

Various discoveries throughout the past century have baffled our scientists. From all parts of the world, we continually dig up fragments of lost history.

Here are just a few examples of thousands of amazing archeological discoveries and artifacts we have uncovered from our lost history:

1. The Character Stone

The Character Stone, which has elements dating it back 270 million years ago, has a very interesting inscription. This stone has Chinese brushings that translate to “Chinese Communist Party Collapses“. However, skeptics believe the inscription was created by the locals to help boost the tourism industry in the area.

2. The Baghdad Battery

Batteries found in Khujut Rabu, Iraq, were able to create a low current of electricity, and date back 2,000 years ago!  This is incredible considering that it wasn’t until 1660 when Otto von Guericke invented the machine that generated static electricity…

3. The Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript defies one generally common circumstance with most discoveries: the ability to trace it back to some cultural origins. This manuscript is virtually covered in markings and writing which have significant differences from anything we’ve seen.

There is even some speculation that this manuscript may have been written by an extra-terrestrial! Well, this perspective is a bit of exaggeration, but to this day, no one managed to decipher the Voynich Manuscript.

4. The Giant Dinosaur Eggs in Russia

Giant fossilized dinosaur eggs have been discovered in Russia, and date back as far as 60 million years. While we don’t know what these eggs would have hatched into, we can speculate. Many people believe they’re reptilian dinosaurs.

5. The Antikythera Mechanism

antikythera mechanism incredible discoveries
Image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis from Athens, Greece / CC BY

A 2,000- year-old mechanical astronomical calendar found in Greece which, according to our approximations, is far more sophisticated than people of their time should have been able to build.

Some of us use these artifacts as inspiration, use the scientific evidence of millions of years of evolution and prosperity as a hope-inspiring notion, and some of us remain unaware of the mysteries which our past holds.

These incredible discoveries demonstrate the accomplishments of humanity working together in long past circumstances

Is it more practical to think of these “new” discoveries as advanced technological exploits done by a previous race of humans that was far more sophisticated than us?

Regardless of your perspective, my recommendation is to view these mysteries as mirrors, reflecting the future that is before us, and showing that the true value of humanity lies in perseverance.

Whether we are eventually assisted by an outside force or manage to evolve our capability to undertake these extraordinary feats, so long as we keep looking skyward and stay positive in our endeavors, the seemingly impossible horizons can be reached. And it’s certain that in the future, we will make more incredible discoveries such as these ones.

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    what came first the chicken or the egg and if we all came from monkeys how come I dont have monkey blood

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      You did not come from a monkey. Evolution does not work that way. Humans and other primates had a common ancestor.

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    Thanks Nick, for the stimulating article. Renaissance Man lifestyles are needed in our society to lead the way and pique the curiosity of a jaded majority… and most particularly younger generations minds.

    Its interesting,as you’ve shown in your bio, seeking to see and know both forest and trees is a very good thing to do.

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    These have all been explained. A very cursory search turns up explanations for all of them except for the giant dinosaur eggs since that one doesn’t make any sense.

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      Why don’t you list the links? You know, the internet is such that if you search for shit, you will find it. It doesn’t prove anything.

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