Nikola Tesla was certainly an eccentric scientist, but some people believe that his inventions were more noticeable than the ones of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. His electric machine, violent imagination, and eccentric style have become a symbol of “mad genius.

Here are some of the weirdest inventions of Nikola Tesla:

1. Robotics

Tesla believed that in the future there will be a whole race of robots that will be able to safely and effectively perform the people’s work. In 1898, he demonstrated the invention of a radio-controlled boat that many people consider “the birth of robotics”.

Tesla predicted that in the future, there will be plenty of intelligent machines, robots, sensors, and different autonomous systems.

2. X-ray

Tesla’s discoveries in electromagnetic science helped radiologists around the world see the human anatomy without the intervention of a scalpel. But in the late 1880s, this idea seemed fairly insane.

Although the discovery of X-rays is attributed to German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen, it was Tesla who first made experiments with this technology and noted some of the dangers of radiation to the human body.

3. Wireless transmission of electricity

In 1893, at the World Exhibition in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated wireless transmission of electricity, switching on a series of phosphoric light bulbs using the process called electrodynamic induction.

He hoped that one day, with the help of this technology, it will be possible to transmit electricity over long distances in the atmosphere, providing distant areas with the necessary energy.

Now, large companies such as Intel are interested in the application of nonradiative energy transfer in different mobile devices to make it possible to charge the battery without the power lead.

4. Earthquake Machine

In 1898, Tesla announced that he had developed an oscillator that was able to shake a building and everything around it. The device weighed about one kilogram, and the scientist managed to set the frequency of vibrations in such a way that every subsequent vibration added more and more energy to the wave curves of the building.

With an appropriate number of small vibrations, even a really large building could break into pieces. Understanding the potential danger of his invention, Tesla broke the device with a hammer.

5. Death Ray

In 1930, Nikola Tesla, as some assert, invented a particle beam weapon, which is called “ray of death”. Supposedly, the device could generate an intense, directed energy beam that could be used to destroy enemy aircraft, army, etc. However, ultimately the “death ray” was not released by Tesla, even despite his trying to sell it to various military units.

These and other inventions of Nikola Tesla show how ahead of this time he was.

Featured image:  Nikola Tesla with his equipment in his laboratory in Colorado Springs around 1899

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