common nightmaresIt is the second part of the article about the most common nightmares and their interpretationHere are other five nightmare scenarios and their possible meaning:

1. Failure at an exam or inability to solve a problem

Even if you have long forgotten your school or college years, you still can occasionally have dreams of the failure at an exam or something like that. Unconscious anxiety about not passing important exams is a common dream, and the grade you get can tell a lot.

If you fail the exam, it may describe your thoughts on whether you 

deserve the things you have achieved in life. If you could go back and get an estimate for all of your past deeds, would you be satisfied with the result? If your answer is yes, but on the exam in your dream you feel that your score was too low, then your dream reflects your rejection of what you have achieved.

2. Loss or damage to your house or other property

This is quite an ordinary dream. A house in dreams represents the person. Front of the house is your esteem by the others, while the interior is your inner self.

If your home or other possession is damaged or robbed in your dream, maybe it reflects your inner feelings about damage of your inner integrity and turbulent feelings about yourself. You probably feel that you are cheated or that something valuable to you is in danger.

3. Problems with the car

Having problems with your car is a horrible experience, but if you see it in a dream, in real life it could mean something more serious than just oil or tire change. Vehicles in a dream are a physical shell of a person, but they can carry the emotional load. As well as the dreams of home, the look of the car can be your external perception of the world, while what is under the hood is your inner feelings.

Perhaps you run a surprisingly beautiful car, and suddenly find yourself in a mess, and it does not work properly. This situation can tell about your feelings to yourself. At the same time, dreams about road accident or car crash may indicate a feeling of helplessness or lack of control.

4. Suffering from an injury, illness or death

Dreams of you having a serious illness or of your death can bring you a lot of stress. However, do not worry. Although the death in your dream can be very painful, in fact it can mean a change or a new beginning. Death can also mean the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

Yet not all dreams of death are so positive. In some cases, dreams in which you get injured or ill or die can mean emotional pain or the fear of getting hurt. This kind of dream may also indicate that you are no longer able to handle the situation yourself, and you need to ask for help or advice from other people.

5. Running away from someone who attacks you

It is another common nightmare that haunts many people. If you dream yourself being attacked or haunted, it is a signal of your body that it is either ready to meet danger face to face or is going to “ran away”. Such a reaction is primary to the human body, since it always needs to choose when faced with the dangers and fears.

Sigmund Freud described such dreams as “what is dreamed by a person who is in trouble.” This anxiety may be associated with both serious and insignificant problems. Since these fears are embodied in a ghostly stalker, the actions you take to avoid the danger talk about how you react to them in real life.


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