Considering the fact that humans will not be able to travel to the moon for the second time, without even mentioning other planets in the solar system, scientists are creating quite organized and compelling theories regarding the composition and origin of our universe.

These alternative theories about the universe are based on long-term observations of visible parts of the universe as well as on assumptions.

1. Ekpyrotic theory of how the universe has evolved

Everyone has heard about the Big Bang theory. Without going into details about this theory, and remembering that now it is even taught in schools, let’s mention an alternative theory about the universe that attempts to explain its origin from a different perspective.

The proponents of this theory believe that a universe parallel to our own exists, and occasionally these two “sister” universes intersect. The amount of energy released during this intersection causes enormous disturbances of space, resulting in the appearance of particles, which form gaseous nebulae, galaxies, stars, and other celestial bodies.

After the collision, the universes start moving in opposite directions, but the more they diverge, the more they are attracted to one another, which is quite plausible. Gradually, they begin to converge again, and by that time no stars and other objects in the two universes can be found, everything is evenly distributed in accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Universes collide again and again and the energy from these collisions results in the formation of particles and the process is repeated as one endless cycle.

2. White Holes

We all heard about the existence of black holes in space. Generally, their existence can only be speculated about based on the perturbation of gravitational fields and the deflection of light. But scientists are already talking about the possibility of locating white holes. After all, if the matter is absorbed by a black hole, it must be released elsewhere in the universe, correct?

And in theory, the locations where the matter is released, not absorbed, do exist. While they have not been detected yet, proponents of this theory hope one day to discover white holes in space.

Generally speaking, the possible existence of white holes, if any will ever be discovered, violates several established laws of modern physics. And if a white hole is eventually found, we will have to reassess the foundations of modern science and do it very thoroughly in order to explain their existence.

3. “The Matrix” Theory of Universe

Yes, as it turns out, the film with the same name was created “based on” a very extravagant theory, which states that the whole universe may be a product of a powerful computer program created by some unknown force.

Actually, this computer cannot even be imagined by anyone. Of course, while such a theory can only be a basis for a sci-fi film, it does not particularly have a large number of followers among scientists. But some believers do exist, so this alternative theory about the universe must be taken into account, and it deserves the right to exist.

4. The universe is originated from a Black Hole

This among the most interesting alternative theories about the universe. It posits that black holes that emit matter to an unknown location, in fact, create new universes that appear faster than mushrooms after rain.

Every particle absorbed by a black hole may become a source of origin for a new universe, after the particle charged with enormous energy explodes. It may be similar to the Big Bang only with a lot of explosions.

Each newly-formed universe in turn forms new black holes and those give life to new universes. In general, it seems like a head-spinning process, but it is easy enough to imagine this endless whirl. But no one promised that everything will be easy, correct?

5. The formation of worlds according to the Quantum Theory

This theory is often used in science fiction literature. It is based on a constant branching and divergence of realities.

For example, if you are trying to decide whether to go shopping or turn on the TV, in one reality, you may start walking to the store, while in another, you may turn on the TV. We have two universes, which differ very little from each other, but the further we go, the more profound differences are.

In fact, these variances “branch out” depending on many factors, including the behavior of atoms that move in different directions, and so on. As a result, billions and billions of new realities appear at each given moment, and the farther away they are apart, the stronger the difference between these universes becomes.

Visually, this can be imagined as a fan, with each blade which is infinitely divisible, and each of the sub-components dividing again and so on…

Which of these alternative theories about the universe seem the most fascinating to you and why?

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  1. Sindri

    I like the Quantum Theory as a life Philosophy.

    If I’m not sure if to do something, that I think in branches.

    One life is where I don’t quit my bad habits and take on new better ones.

    Example: Go to the Gym

    Two options:
    Go to the gym
    Not go to the gym and watch TV

    Go to the gym ->Meet new people -> Increased
    self-esteem -> Excellent health and body I love -> More energy to do new stuff -> Travel -> New friends -> Happier -> Meet a girl I really like – >Very good and happy family -> Financial Success because happy and allot of energy – > Live the dream life

    Not go to the gym and watch TV -> Alone ->Low self-esteem
    -> Hang out with the same people -> Body I hate and tired all the time -> Same friends -> Unhappy -> Stay in the same town -> Financial Worries -> Just some girl I settled with -> Unhappy family -> Mediocre life

    And from there I can tell myself.
    “So which life do I want to live?”

  2. Logan

    These theories still don’t explain how something can come from nothing. Maybe everything is infinite in time and space, and something never came from nothing.

    We assume there’s always a beginning and an end because we can’t truly wrap our heads around infinity.

    1. love

      The world didn’t come from nothing that’s where our great and almighty god came in. He did create the universe

    2. may

      think of it this way. maybe the universe was created by each of these in a sense. maybe they all have some truth to them. maybe there was a god in all of this that created the black hole or something else to create the earth.

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