Every person I meet who I let know that I can see energy tends to ask similar questions. So, I presume our readers here at Learning Mind may have similar questions.

The answers to these questions may astound some of you, as they completely defy conventional understandings and “preachings” from those who pretend to have opened their third eye. It is possible for ANY PERSON to learn how to see energy and auras, but it is also possible for any person to pretend that they can without putting forth the effort, and substantial sacrifice.

A lot of what you can learn from books or articles online are purely fabrications based on a reality which isn’t fully comprehended, comprised from lies that contain subterfuge from a lost past.

People with something to prove, who strive for purpose and can’t find one in reality, typically turn to something that the general public can’t disprove – due to this, the majority of teachings on the subject of energy observation have been misconstrued and are not factual.

This article is factual. I do not condone the use of misinformation and fabrications. We, as a people, have the right to attain knowledge in the basis of truth.

Every person has something to teach every other person – everyone you meet has something to teach you, and you have something to teach everyone you meet. For me, a holistic understanding of energy perception is a start.

1. What do the colors mean?

I don’t know. Nobody knows.

If somebody tries to tell you that the color blue means contention or peaceful intent, they’re lying.  If someone says that red means anger and frustration, it is highly likely that they are, too, lying.  These perceptions are media driven standards; the real colors are indiscernible and differentiate based on the observer.

Where I see the color yellow, another seer may see the color orange. The exact colors may be reflections of our persona or the deep understanding beneath our subconscious. The perception of colors may be entirely irrelevant when pertaining to mood; for all we know, the colors we see have nothing to do with personality or standing, and may have more to do with moral standing.

2. How does it influence your life?

I had mentioned in the beginning of this article that there are particular sacrifices with being able to see energy. Aside from being able to tell when someone is particularly angry and being able to understand an atmosphere in a room, there is one major adverse effect.

After having taught myself to see energy in everything I look at, my head hurts. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome at a very young age. I have left school on many occasions because of the immense pain in my head. It seemed like the more I did, the more I went around, the more my head hurt. After many years of dealing with these migraines, I ended up realizing that seeing energy wasn’t normal for everybody and found that the ability and the ailment were linked.

Imagine if everything you looked at was bright. Imagine if everything you saw had different flicker rates and radiated different luminescence. It’s hard to get your eyes to fully adjust and focus.

3. How can you tell if someone is angry, if color isn’t a factor in your observation?

Flicker rates. That is all there really is to it. It’s almost like the vibration is violent if a person is having violent thoughts. An angry person’s energy seems to shake. A calm, happy person’s energy more “dances”.

Honestly, this is VERY hard to accurately describe without being able to show it, but the aforementioned statement is the easiest way I’ve been able to find.

4. Can you see your own energy?

To an extent, absolutely. I can see my energy, how it flickers, and how it resonates with other people’s energy. I can see what color my aura is, or that my third eye chakra is prominent when looking in a mirror.

It’s sort of different, though, sometimes what I see and what I feel don’t entirely correlate with my previous understandings. For instance, sometimes my energy looks furious when I don’t feel particularly angry, myself. My question here is whether that’s because I’m more angry than I’m willing to admit to myself…

5. Resonates?

I have mentioned the resonance of energy in this article. Our energy resonates, or emits different vibrations and alters, when contacting another entity’s energy. When two lovers touch hands, the aura around their contact changes and brightens, becoming a beautiful sight. When someone who strongly dislikes another person comes in contact with them, it’s almost as if the atmosphere around their contact darkens and shrinks away.

This is incredibly difficult to explain, but after observing it for many years, it’s easier to tell how much two people like each other by seeing how their energy reacts when the other walks in the room than to ask them. I’ve been able to predict relationship results months before anything happens.

This also allows me to know who I ‘actually’ “vibe” with, and not just who I want to convince myself is someone I like being around.

Resonance also applies in many aspects aside from relationships; friendships aren’t even the bottom line. If a person likes a particular color, their energy will brighten when they’re near the color.

The things which make us happy are directly reflected in our energy – the energy we give off, feeding the world around us, is proportional to the feelings we have.

These are some of the questions I’ve been asked. If any of our readers have further questions, please, ask them – I’d love to give you more truths to accept in your life.

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  1. Tresha K Shelton

    Bummer that we’re not able to read the answers:(

  2. Taushay Clinger

    I have a question so I see auras in fact most of my world is alot of colors I’m also an empath so emotions are also colors for me usually people have one base color for me and there emotions “accent” per say the base color some colors are easier to see and then others and not every emotional color is that same for each person so person a might have a light blue as happy well person b might have the same color as worried so It can take me some time to figure out a persons aura but back to the base color I’ve only ever seen a person have one base color for my hole life but I met a guy not long ago and he has more then one base color in my eyes we have been seeing each other for a bit now and I still can’t figure out y he has more then one base color I do know that the mix of colors he has is exquisite and so calming for me just seeing it is like a warm blanket wrapped around u and I feel so relaxed around him and safe but I just can’t get the multiple base colors out of my mind so if anyone has any ideas y this is I would love to hear them

  3. Katie

    So i understand that this article is old, but i do have a question that i would like to know if you could explain…. i have met many people who have been able to see auras, and i even did some tests with one of them on myself.

    They said that i can activly change my aura, or my output of energy. I can change the colors by thought and maniplulating my emotions. Do you have anything as to an explaination or ideas of what this means?

  4. Jay

    Does anyone think that they’re a Targeted Individual? RNM, BCI, V2K. Remote Neural Monitoring, brain computer interfaces, voice to skull. When you have gang stalkers doing their street theater, the gas lighting that comes along with being a TI. (Targeted Individuals) and just all the other absurd, deranged things that come along with it. It would make a lot of sense. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. I strongly recommended looking into it. Seriously.

  5. Emily Barton

    How do I strengthen my aura?

    A special person to me can sense auras..and mine used to be something absolutely loved but now it’s making her sad.

    How can I help her be at ease around me- and how can I make my aura more welcoming and loving..?

    ;; if you don’t mind my asking

  6. Tanya

    Hello, thank you for the honesty in your article. I too believe what we experience is very induvidual. I’ve been trying to attach an explanation to my experience but all that makes sense is that I see energy. When in a relaxed state…after waking from sleep or meditation, I see yellow above me. Some days there is what I call “static or sparkles” before the yellow becomes visible. I am able to see colors during meditation as well. However I have never seen auras attached to people or living things. Do you have an inclination as to what I may be experiencing?

  7. Colleen McKinney

    I was thinking that maybe where you say that you saw your aura and it appeared in a way you didn’t feel was correct could be due to more of seeing it from a different time. I have read that things are in your aura before you ever feel them physically. It might be a way for you to understand how you feel when you do see a difference and recognize it as a teaching tool to show you when someone might get sick or whatever. Just a thought and I hope that made sense.

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