Growing up, I used to hate fall.

For me, this time of the year was associated with the end of my carefree and joyful summer holidays and the beginning of a new cycle of challenges at school, paired with the cold and rainy weather, which made this back to school depression even more intense (I hated school not because of the lessons and homework, as I was a passionate learner from early childhood, but because I always felt it limited my personal freedom). Waking up early, following the strict school schedule, dull weather with a never-ending gloomy rain – how can anyone possibly like this season?

However, as an adult who doesn’t have to go to school anymore (feeling quite lucky saying this 🙂 ), I realized that fall has actually become my favorite time of the year.

It mostly has to do with my introverted nature – the season of vacations and summer parties with friends is over, and now I have more quiet alone time, which allows me to focus on my inner world.

Here are some reasons why fall is the best time for reflection and self-discovery. Whether you are an introvert or not, I hope this article will inspire you to love this season a little more and see it in a new light, especially if you pursue to know and improve yourself.

1. Fall reminds us of the ever-changing cycle of life

Falling leaves, shorter days and colder nights – these all are the signs of a new change in the eternal circle of nature. This time of the year with its charming melancholic beauty always inspired me to reflect on these changes and made me feel closer to nature.

So instead of complaining about chilly weather and rain, take a walk in the nearest park, observing golden trees with sad falling leaves, and reflect on this never-ending cycle of existence.

Similarly to nature that follows its seasonal patterns, we face constant changes in our lives. If you are having a hard time, remind yourself that difficulties will pass, opening the path for new opportunities, just like rainy fall and long cold winter will be followed by a new breath of life in spring.

2. Harvest time inspires us to sum up the results

Cheerful summer is left behind, and the calendar year is slowly moving towards its end. It’s a great opportunity to take a look at the past months and summarize your achievements in all aspects of life.

This can help you set priorities and inspire you to make changes that will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals and fulfilling your life purpose.

While fall may seem a season of decay, it is actually a good time to sum up the results, set new goals and start something new.

3. Fall is a time of gratitude and nostalgia

With the days getting shorter and the weather bringing the first hints of winter, most people prefer staying at home. This is great news for introverts – now you can take a walk in a quiet park, and no one will interrupt your thoughts with their loud talking and laughing. Or enjoy the comfort of your home, listening to the calming, almost hypnotizing sound of raindrops.

These introspective moments of solitude are perfect for thinking about your summer adventures, indulging in nostalgia for those happy sunny days and feeling thankful for the experiences and emotions they brought you.

After all, “it is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy,” don’t you think?

4. Fall is a family time

Spending more time at home gives you a chance to enjoy the warmth of being with your loved ones and feel family unity in preparation for the coming holidays.

Devoting time to your dear ones and such simple family activities like shopping or cooking not only give you the priceless moments of everyday happiness but also make you realize what really matters in life. Let me cite another quote, which perfectly captures what I mean here:

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

fall is the best time5. Fall is perfect for new hobbies and self-improvement activities

Being the best time for introspection and reflection about life, fall is also perfect to start new hobbies and devote more time to the activities that bring you contentment and joy.

Are you thinking of learning a new skill or taking up a new activity? Most classes and workshops start in September and October, so now it is a perfect time to enroll.

Apart from hobbies, this time of the year with its melancholic beauty inspires us to turn inwards and spend more time with ourselves.

Why not use it for meditation, reading and other activities that will nourish your soul and help know yourself better?

Whether you love fall or not, you can always find the ways to enjoy it and spend time wisely, doing the things that fill you up and help you become a better and wiser person.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the inspiration of this season for reflection about yourself and your life.

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  1. Lee Couch

    Falling is good but not for always. It is good to find yourself in your soul.

  2. Tsur T

    I agree, Fall (and for me also winter), is a time calling me to get inside.
    To reduce the external doing, “saving the world”, etc’… and start feeling…

    Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, I find myself often very busy with external activities, even in fall and winter.
    And if passing them wishing that next year I could finally be able to stop a little bit, and allow myself to dedicate myself to myself.

  3. Nat

    Good article. For the last several years I naturally find Fall to be a time to work on self-improvement and reflection. I dust off some inspiring books on the shelf and then write down goals for the upcoming year! This has become a fun routine since the Fall of 2010.

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