liarEyes do not betray the liar, say researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, breaking an “incriminating evidence” which has been defining the conclusions of experts, authorities or even partners for decades. Tests carried out by experts with the help of video, showed that eye movements reveal nothing about whether someone is telling the truth or not. However, they found five other signs that could reveal a little (or big) Pinocchio.

To date, several psychologists believed that when a right-handed is looking at the right direction, then he is probably lying; and when he is looking at the left direction, then he is probably sincere.

According to Professor Richard Wiseman and his research team, that is not true. A large percentage of people believes that certain movements of the eyes indicate lies, and these beliefs are even taught in training courses for professionals,” explains Dr. Caroline Watt, one of the authors of the study. “Our study does not support this idea, but instead argues that it is time to abandon this method of detecting lies,” she adds.

So here are five signs that might betray a good liar:

1. Less “me”

Liars tend to invent stories that never happened, thus limiting the number of mentions of themselves.

2. Talking without moving

The process of telling a lie is not easy, so usually liars tend not to move in order to focus on the invention of their story.

3. Hesitation

Liars have a hesitation in the flow of their speech, compared with honest people.

4. Sudden pauses

Liars often prepare their answers. When they accept an unexpected question they suddenly stop to think before answering.

5. Stroking the mouth, the hair

Liars tend to touch the area around their mouths or playing with their hair more often than sincere people.

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