Self-confidence is one of the key personal qualities necessary for success. Here are 5 ways to increase self-confidence, presented in the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. Use them in life, and you will certainly become successful.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Self-Confidence

1. Sit in the front rows

Usually, in lectures, conferences, briefings, and seminars, the back rows of the classroom are filled first. People who sit in the front rows are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Because they believe in their intellectual abilities, manners, and appearance. So, to gain self-confidence, prefer the first rows!

2. Express your opinion

There are many bright and talented people (sitting in the same conferences and workshops) who for whatever reason are afraid to express their opinions in order to avoid saying something stupid, not to seem ridiculous, etc.

Each time a person wants to say something and says nothing, they inject themselves with a portion of the poison that kills their confidence.

And vice versa: the more you speak, the more confident you become, so after each time, you find it easier and easier to speak in public. By voicing your opinion, you take a vitamin that increases your self-confidence.

Make a rule to express your opinion in every public meeting you attend. Speak voluntarily, without being asked to. Do not make exceptions. Ask questions, make suggestions and comments. And do not be the last to express your thoughts, be the first.

And do not think that you will look silly. You are an intellectually developed adult and have your opinions, which have the right to be expressed.

3. Make eye contact

How to increase self-confidence? Look other people in the eye. The way a person makes eye contact says a lot. You instinctively begin to doubt a person who does not look you in the eye. What is he or she hiding? What are they afraid of? Do they want to cheat you or to hide something from you?

If a person is avoiding eye contact, they seem to say: “I am weaker than you. I am insignificant. I am afraid of you” or “I feel guilty. I have done or harbored something in my mind that I want to hide. If I look you in the eye, you will see right through me.”

If you make direct and assertive eye contact, you are expressing confidence and openness.

4. Walk with confidence

Psychologists say that a languid gait is associated with a negative attitude toward oneself and the surrounding world. But by changing your posture and gait, you can turn a negative attitude into a positive one.

All your body movements and facial expressions are a result of your psyche. “Chronic losers” have a shuffling, stumbling gait. Their confidence is close to zero.

“Middling people” have a “mediocre” gait. With their movements, it is just like they are saying: “I have no reason to be proud of myself.”

But there is a third type of people. They seem to radiate confidence. They walk with poise, and their look is saying: “I’m going to an important place to do important things and to do them well.”

Keep your shoulders back, straighten up, lift your head, speed up your step and you will feel a surge of confidence.

5. Smile broadly

Develop the habit of smiling. Whatever the circumstances are, the smile is the strongest weapon of self-confidence.

A broad smile gives you a sense of confidence, helping you overcome fear, silence anxiety, and get rid of other negative emotions such as sadness and despair. Smile widely and you will feel that “the good times have come”. Such a smile is a way to increase self-confidence but also program yourself for positivity and success.

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Colorado Springs Roofers

    I tell everyone to smile all the time! Life’s too short not to and it boosts your confidence! Plus smiling at someone could change someone’s life!

  2. aeio

    I started making eye contact like crazy with everyone and I always carry conversations! one that has helped me A LOT is good posture. always keep your spine (from end to end) straight and walk tall!

  3. Katharina

    I don’t know why, but the phrase I like the most in this article is “I’m going to an important place to do important things and to do them well. And smiling, which should be done all the time! I am often surprised at how friendly people become when you smile at them.

  4. Deepak Kumar Das

    5 points really make sense for me. I missed eye contact during conversing people or in meeting and need to be work on that point.

  5. Ella

    I really, really liked this article. And it’s so true! Every one of those reflects on me myself (I am very confident) and friends of mine who are confident as well. That was great. Thank you!

  6. Adubz

    In the natural world, 3 and 5 will get you straight up killed. They are signs of AGGRESSION, not confidence. Showcase your pearly whites and stare up a gorilla and we’ll see how long you last.

    1. Anna

      You are right if we talk about the animal world. However, this article is dedicated to humans 🙂

  7. Dhane "The Difference Maker" Crowley

    Incredible tips from an incredible book! Keep doing what you’re doing to be a source of inspiration and instruction for people around the world.

    A quick technique that I use to overcome feeling lousy is to ask myself empowering “What if…” questions, instead of dis-empowering ones. This works just about every time for me.

    Hopefully it does the same for you!

  8. Derek

    I’m not sure that I fully agree with the second point. Speaking at a public meeting when you are not invited to is, in my opinion, simply rude. My all means signify to the chair that you wish to speak, but don’t just shout out.
    Additionally it does get irritating hearing people talk who are asking questions which have already been answered or are not adding anything constructive to the topic. If you are agreeing with a point already made and not adding anything except your own voice, don’t. “If you don’t have anything constructive to say don’t say anything at all” is the rule I follow.

  9. bakeca pisa

    good tips

  10. Rudy

    Positive thinking and grateful also required to achieve success

  11. Ray

    Definitely agree with the walk with confidence and smile tips. I’ve read NLP Books and one of the main tips there is that your physiology affects your psychology. Behave in a confident manner and you’ll think in a confident manner as well.

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