brain trainingThe human brain is a very delicate and complex mechanism that requires systematic training. You can improve your brain’s abilities with the help of different exercises and techniques which don’t require much time and can be done at any place. Here are 5 simple tips for everyday brain training:

1.As less as possible act “mechanically“. Try to change subliminal  movements by giving free rein to your imagination  and creativity  when choosing the best solution for a task.

2. Do usual routine things in unusual way. For example, you can brush your teeth with your left hand or with your right one if you are left handed. Try to use a computer mouse with your “other” hand. Of course it will be unusual and uncomfortable, but after some time you will notice that there is nothing difficult in it.

3. Experts recommend to learn several unfamiliar words of your mother tongue every day. It improves memory and makes your vocabulary more sophisticated.

4. Try to pay more attention to expanding your vocabulary in foreign languages, learn two or three words every day. It will help you not only to exercise your brain but also to get rid of language barrier.

5. Solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku. These tasks encourage great activity of the cerebellum, which stimulates our ability to think faster by quick finding answers to various complex problems.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    Just like any other part of your body, you need to exercise your brain for it to stay in good shape. These are great suggestions for keeping your brain active and healthy.

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    Hello at first i want to thank you for your good tips and comments i am an English language learner but i have a little problem with grammar i forget the rules easily and i have problem with the places that different words and phrases are used too i will be pleased if you help me thank you…

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      ok i promise i ll post an article on learning of foreign languages with useful tips =)

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