“He that can have patience can have what he will”

~ Benjamin Franklin.

Patience is the ability of a person to tolerate things under strain or long-term difficulties.

It is something very crucial to lead a happy and successful life. A conscious effort is required to develop patience.

Benefits of Patience

Patience develops superior morality and offers peaceful life which can not be compared to the life of impatient people. Here are a few benefits of being patient:

Leads to intelligence

One of the major hindrances in thinking intelligently is impulsive and reckless thinking. People who are not patient get angry instantly, which shuts down their mind and they act without thinking. A patient person thinks in a self-possessed and calm manner and arrives at intelligent and logical conclusions.

Helps in right decision making

An impatient person wants to solve everything immediately and does not go into the depth of the problem, which might be important to make the right decisions. Patience enables you to see things in detail and make the right decisions. It helps you not to make unnecessary haste while solving an issue.

Grants hope and tranquility

When you lose something or the circumstances are not going in your favor, you get upset. This is what happens if you are not patient. Hopelessness and sorrow will surround you. But if you become a patient, you will never lose hope. Even in difficult situations, patience grants you the ability to stay cheerful and hope for the best.

How to Develop Patience

Here are some patience building tips to follow:

1. Don’t Rush

The tip to patience is taking baby steps and not to rush. There are certain things that require time. Even a pretty red rose blossoms after quite a few weeks. Try to have an open perspective and the task will be done. Don’t take useless stress.

2. Laugh It Off

Remember that if something has to go wrong, it will go that way. So try not to overreact – rather laugh it off. You are having a formal dinner and your child spills soup on you. Don’t panic. Accept it with humor. For next time, try not to give her liquid food on such occasions.

3. Lower Your Expectations

If our expectations are too high and they are not fulfilled, we feel annoyed, irritated and awful. So it is better to keep your expectations at a certain level.

4. Release Stress

Impatience is a result of anxiety and stress. One should try to release stress and tension in order to achieve patience. This can be done by yoga and regular exercises. Sitting quietly in solidarity is yet another powerful way to gain calmness. Let your worries slip away and enjoy some moments with yourself only by meditating and having peace.

5. Set Goals

Impatience develops if the clock is ticking and you still have a full plate of things to do. Plan things out and set short-term and long-term goals ahead. For the daily routine, manage things for the next day by leaving a clean kitchen, preparing lunch boxes, packing children’s bags, pressing clothes – all done at night.

These simple yet very essential tips will help you develop patience and transform your personality into a cheerful one.

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