We are truly our own worst critic. Why? When we set standards, often we will personally exceed them, without giving much notice to it all.

That is the wrong way to approach situations and life, in general. You owe it to yourself to be truly happy and feel accomplished every day, and it starts with recognizing your achievements and valuing yourself.

1. Realize How Far You Have Come

No matter what your situation entails, you have always come from a different place. From a personality, mentality, to even a physical change. If you are happy with the results, be proud that you have made these efforts to improve. No one else will be able to change you; you did that for you. Own it, be proud of it, and keep growing.

2. Appreciate Your Thoughts

When we get older, many times our thoughts are considered void of reason, or perhaps they are not even voiced at all. Always contribute your thoughts, especially if you are in a group, chances are there are many that have the same thoughts as you but are unwilling to voice them. Your input matters.

3. Appreciate Yourself

You are strong, you can get through any situation, and you are a survivor. If no one has told you that lately, you just heard it from me. Love who you are, and confidence, which is your best outfit, will radiate from you.

If you are unhappy with something about yourself before you try to change it, learn to appreciate it. From the flabby arms, untamed hair to even that slouch, understand that it is what makes you, you. When you are changing it, you are changing you. Will you be happier with the person you become?

4. You Have Stability

Being able to call a place home is something many people struggle to do. Keeping a job, food on the table, or even out of trouble is something that plagues the world. Life is getting harder just to scrape by. If you can keep those things, you are building a base for stability.

While it may seem like a funny word, something that can be forgotten about until a later time, not having it makes you vulnerable to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts breed negative emotions, which brings about adverse situations. To combat that, get stability in your life, make the changes that are needed to accomplish that.

5. Value Your Self-Worth

You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. From the time you were a kid, you must have helped someone, gave someone a laugh, or even became a conversation starter. Give yourself more credit, you are incredibly powerful. A single action today can impact a life, and make their life better if you help them today. You can be the change that you want to see in the world!

Knowing who you are and being proud of your accomplishments is something everyone needs to do. While you do not need to parade around your 5th-grade science award, you can help others celebrate their achievements. Happiness is a strange and beautiful emotion. It is all or nothing – staying happy is easy, it is obtaining it that is the trick.

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  1. Kalama

    Oh, Brittany,

    there is an ocean of ideas concerning self improvement only few of them more than talking in platitudes. Try to dive in inner silence , listen to the truth your heart will tell and discover those goals really benefitial for your life.

    Best wishes Kalama

    1. Brittany

      Hi Kalama,

      I agree with you entirely! While I was not able to explore every path to feeling more accomplished in this article, I really like your advice.

      Thank you for sharing,


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