happy childrenMany people change with age. They become more and more immersed in their problems and smile less and less. But take a look at little children. They always smile and enjoy life. So maybe adults should less teach their children and even take a few lessons from them? Here are a few examples that will help you look at the world with eyes of a child and become a happier person:

Release negative emotions

The child is very easy to switch from bad to good. For example, playing, he breaks his knee and starts crying, but

after a moment he forgets about it and laughs again. Unlike adults, children do not hold on to their negative emotions. They easily release them and continue to enjoy life.

Live today

All the past has gone, and tomorrow has not come yet. “Today” is the only thing that we have. Only the one who appreciates every moment of his life can be truly happy.

Focus on the good

When a child is playing, he is totally focused on the game. He has a lot of fun, because he does not think about anything else but his toys. In adults, everything is different. Even in moments of fun, many people torment themselves with thoughts about problems at work, unpaid bills and so on. To enjoy life, sometimes you need to forget about troubles. Do you remember Scarlett O’Hara’s famous phrase: “I will think about it tomorrow“?

Believe that the impossible is possible

Children know full well that nothing is impossible. Their belief in themselves and their capabilities is endless. They think that if they wish, they can learn to fly. The only pity is that getting older, they forget about it. People set the framework for themselves and can not overcome its limitations. Remember that nothing is impossible.

Use your imagination

Children love fantasizing. They constantly imagine themselves to be elves, dragons, princes and princesses. Their imagination knows no boundaries, so their games are exciting and interesting. Adults also need to use their imagination more frequently. Imagination develops creative thinking and allows us to see new opportunities. A creative approach to life makes us release our creative potential, which makes us happier.

Believe in your dream

Children’s dreams are beautiful! They believe that all wishes come true and never doubt it. A boy, who dreams of becoming an astronaut, will still believe in his dream and will not listen when you tell him that it is a very difficult and dangerous profession. He does everything to make his dream come true: he reads a book about astronauts and space travel, he explores the planets and stars, and does some exercise to be strong. Adults are too burdened with a load of everyday worries and often do not have time for their own dreams and wishes. Even when they attempt to realize their dream, they easily give it up when faced obstacles. But is it worth doing?

I hope you liked these lessons of happiness from the little ones and will use them in your life.


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