6 Qualities of Smart People

smart peopleSmart people stand out from the crowd. What makes them different? Here are their main qualities:

1. Ability to make decisions

They are determined and confident, they believe in themselves, listen to intuition and therefore have the ability to take the right decisions. We all have to make choices all the time, from everyday concerns to life-important decisions. Making choice is an integral and permanent part of our lives. But smart people know how to take a sober look at any situation, see all the prospects and take the best decision. That is the secret of their success.

2. Decent environment

Educated and intelligent people choose their environment. They often make new acquaintances, but are very picky. And this is the quality that distinguishes smart people from the others. They may not have many friends, but each of them will immediately come to help in need. Smart people choose quality, not  quantity.

3. Wise use of opportunities

Smart people quickly identify opportunities, and the point is that they know how to use them properly. They are attentive, responsible and hard working.

4. Lateral thinking

State of mind is another thing that distinguishes smart people from all others. Unlike narrow-minded people who are limited in their judgments, they are always open to new ideas. They see not only black and white, but the intermediate colors too. Smart people are not afraid of thinking differently.

5. Continuous development

Throughout their lives, people are learning new things. Smart people learn something new on a regular basis, acquire different skills and stay abreast of the latest events and news. Usually they have self-improvement as their hobby.

6. A good sense of humor

Laughter and fun are very important in our lives. Without joy, our life would be boring and monotonous. Smart people are very fond of jokes and try to create a relaxed atmosphere when possible. So the more we laugh, the better our lives become and the nearer we are to success.

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Anna LeMind

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  1. Abdul Traya December 3, 2014 at 10:28 am - Reply

    I read and reread all this work you have posted. Very well done and I trend to agree – not saying that I am smart. But my question to you, in respect your statement; “Educated and intelligent people choose their environment” are the concepts of Education and intelligence relative?

    • Cristina April 26, 2017 at 1:13 am - Reply

      Yes I think yes because you can’t progress with your education without the intelligence required 😊

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