Smart people stand out from the crowd. Their entire life is viewed from a unique perspective. So, what makes them different?

People are beautiful in many ways, they are as varied as the sands on the beach and as colorful as all the hues and shades of a painting. I admire all sorts of human beings, but society sees them in categories.

Let’s face it, every intellect is different, and individuals that we refer to as smart people display a set of traits that are different from everyone else.

The characteristics of smart people

Without judging others or making a statement that points toward what’s called a “superior” group of people, I would like to draw attention to those with higher intellects.

Smart people: they are different from your run-of-the-mill individual. In fact, almost every facet of their lives is different. Here are some of these unique qualities.

1. Ability to make decisions

Smart people are determined and confident, they believe in themselves and listen to intuition. Therefore, they have the ability to make the right decisions.

We all have to make choices all the time, from everyday concerns to important life decisions. Making choices is an integral and permanent part of our lives. But smart people know how to take a sober look at any situation, see all the prospects and make the best decision. That is the secret of their success.

2. Decent environment

Educated and intelligent people choose their environment. They often make new acquaintances but are picky about who they choose. This is the quality that distinguishes smart people from the others.

They may not have many friends, but each of them will immediately come to help in need. Smart people choose quality, not quantity when it comes to their surroundings and what they have to offer to others.

3. Wise use of opportunities

Smart people quickly identify opportunities, and the point is that they know how to use them properly. They are attentive, responsible and hard working.

When an opportunity arises, however, they do take the time to analyze that option and make sure the choice is right for them. Being able to do all these things quickly is also a testament to their great mind.

4. Lateral thinking

The state of mind is another thing that distinguishes smart people from all others. Unlike narrow-minded people who are limited in their judgments, they are always open to new ideas. They see not only black and white but the intermediate colors too.

Smart people are not afraid of thinking differently. They are not held back by learning new ways of thinking and changing once held beliefs. They are definitely versatile and flexible.

5. Continuous development

Throughout their lives, people learn new things. Smart people learn something new on a regular basis, acquire different skills and stay abreast of the latest events and news.

Usually, they have self-improvement as their hobby, always looking for ways to better themselves in areas that others might not think to look.

6. A good sense of humor

Laughter and fun are important in our lives. Without joy, our life would be boring and monotonous. Smart people are fond of jokes and try to create a relaxed atmosphere when possible.

So the more we laugh, the better our lives become and the closer we are to success. Smart people are aware of this from an early age.

The objective: Keep learning

Although scientists do claim that people of higher intelligence have more cognitive connectivity, it’s mainly in the areas of social intelligence, healthy sleep patterns and memory. Other factors such as years of education and financial opportunities also play a role in dictating the paths to becoming smart people. There is always, however, an avenue for improving intelligence regardless of this criteria.

Do you know that anyone can improve their intelligence? If you don’t think you are one of the “smart people,” then spend more time reading, learning and asking questions. Many times, people lack intelligence simply from the lack of desire to learn.

And it’s always a good idea to keep feeding the learning mind. 🙂



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  1. Abdul Traya

    I read and reread all this work you have posted. Very well done and I trend to agree – not saying that I am smart. But my question to you, in respect your statement; “Educated and intelligent people choose their environment” are the concepts of Education and intelligence relative?

    1. Cristina

      Yes I think yes because you can’t progress with your education without the intelligence required 😊

  2. Guy

    This is a good, but if I was one of those with the intelligence you speak of what or how would I use it to help others ?

  3. smart sanity

    I equate smart with a healthy mind, stupid! I’m sick of the extremely common pessimism of smart people, what about its optimism, that the brain is the best friend you’ll ever have (a quote from Lisa Simpson), eh! The truth is you have no truth, only I have the truth, you’re sane, that’s all there is to it, you’re not like an idiot, not related, not of the idiot family, remember that. And smart people create worlds where only those that flatter their brain coexist, they don’t spend time with anyone who puts them down, in fact smart people hate them and don’t relate to them (autism alert!), which is smart. And the brain’s ability to be praised, no words can describe how much it is to be honoured, amen!

  4. Hassan

    Intellegent people possesses all the attribute in the write up to the level of my understanding.


    Smart people have the guts to say “I am wrong”, they don’t hold grudges and they don’t waste time on triviality.

  6. Abduselame

    I have nothing to say only i thank you.

  7. Paula Hayes

    The author (maybe?) does not realise that these traits or qualities are typically encapsulated in the INFJ personality profile. (The Myers Briggs study based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality types.) While I do believe that I am intelligent, I am hopeless when it comes to mathematics and technology, where most people would judge me as a dunce. So if I had been unfortunate enough to have chosen banking or accountancy as my career, goodness knows what would have happened to me!

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