At some point during your spiritual road of self-discovery, you probably heard about chakras.

For those who are new to chakra system, here is a simple explanation to what they are: Charkas are the energy centers or junctions of a human energy body on the higher levels of consciousness also known as the human aura.

Human chakras are responsible for receiving and transmitting both energy and information that are vital for the proper functioning of human organs and systems.

Even if you already knew all of that, there is still a good chance that you will find something new and interesting in the following insights about chakras.

1. There is more than just the seven chakra system out there.

It is generally accepted that there are seven chakras in the human energy body or the human aura. Each of the seven chakras is represented by one of the seven colors and has its name and meaning. However, there are also other systems that explain how human energy body works.

There are 8,9,11, 12, 16, 22 as well as other chakra systems. The key is to find the one that resonates with you the most. There is no ultimate chakra system that works for everyone. Everyone is unique and has responsibility for their own spiritual evolution and self-discovery.

2. First you need to believe to see, not the other way around.

Many people do not believe in chakras because they can’t see them. Any chakra system is a model that helps to explain how energy flows in the human bodies that exist on the higher levels of consciousness.

In order to see chakra energy and chakra colors, a person’s consciousness has to be ready for it. In other words, in order to see chakras one has to first believe in their existence rather than try to see them without really believing they exist. Perception is our reality after all.

3. Blocked chakra is not the real cause of problems with chakra energy flow.

Blocked chakra energy flow is not the absolute cause of the problem with a physical organ or a body system that a certain chakra is responsible for. Blocked chakras are the result of a distortion in the energy-informational flow on the higher levels of consciousness.

The human body can be described as a vibrational chorus that collects particles in space and time and materializes itself at the point of “here and now” and then dematerializes into the energy-informational state of consciousness.

Chakras don’t get blocked when all the bodies on the higher levels of consciousness are working in harmony with the ever-changing surrounding environment.

4. Balancing chakras or chakra healing techniques are only a short-term solution.

If you know how to balance your chakras or chakra healing techniques, it doesn’t mean that you have a long-term solution to all your chakra energy problems.

Any chakra balancing or healing technique (including energy healing methods) is only an “energy-crutch” that can give you time to search for the true cause of the problem with your chakra energy. Since chakras mainly work on the astral level of consciousness, the causes and solutions to their work often lie on the levels of consciousness that are higher (Mental and/or Causal levels of consciousness).

The worldview that takes into account the physics and laws of interaction on the higher levels of consciousness is much more effective in the long run. It gives you a chance to see a possible problem before it even reaches your energy centers.

When you know the rules of the field and follow them, chakra balancing or energy healing techniques are no longer needed.

5. There are female and male chakra polarities.

According to the new spiritual science Infosomatics (see the video below), there are male and female chakra polarities. Each polarity signifies the work of a certain chakra. Chakras can either absorb the energy from the outside or direct the energy flow towards the surrounding environment.

Chakra polarity, however, does not mean that all chakras of a man have male polarity and that all chakras of a woman have female polarity. The polarity of chakras shows how female and male roles interact with the surrounding environment on the energy level.

Nevertheless, knowing about chakra polarity is important since the chronic state of false chakra polarity can cause serious issues with chakra energy flow and, subsequently, problems with a person’s health.

6. Material devices are limited in discovering chakra energy.

Material devices were created with the help of the human brain and the human brain was created by Nature or Higher Consciousness. Material devices are very effective in measuring everything related to matter.

How can we solely rely on them when it concerns energy-informational field or higher levels of consciousness? Wouldn’t learning how to use our own brain be a more effective approach to measuring things like chakra energy and exploring higher levels of consciousness?

There has been more than enough proof that people can see chakra colors, the human aura, sense forthcoming events or even describe who they were in the previous lives. They just intuitively knew how to tune their own brain to the frequencies of the higher levels of consciousness in order to get the information they needed.

There are many different courses that teach you how to do that as well. Devices are material objects without the ability to generate their own energy field, while the human brain is a very complicated energy-informational radar system that is capable to register and work with all the bodies of the higher levels of consciousness.

7. Each chakra has its own intuition.

Chakras are like energy-informational routers that connect you to a vast energy network created by the higher consciousness. In order to know how the whole system works, one needs to first learn its parts.

If you want to know how to use your intuition and harmoniously fit into surrounding environment, you first need to establish communication with each energy center of your energy body.

It might sound silly, but try talking to each chakra. Language is just a special code we communicate with and on the energy-informational field your intention is what really counts. If you direct your will and attention towards understanding intuition of each individual chakra, you will be able to do so.

You can even try to create your own visualization techniques that would help you hear what your chakras are trying to tell you or you can use techniques that already exist.

Did you find these 7 insights about chakras helpful? You are more than welcome to leave your feedback and share these insights with a friend.

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  1. Minakshi

    How do we follow our intuition if our bondages doesn’t allow us

    1. Dmitriy

      First you need to identify and disconnect from the energy bondages. There are many techniques that can help you with that.

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