The beneficial functions of music are not limited only to the level of fun. Read how else it can do good for you.

Music does not need translation and it is addressed to all the people worldwide. It brings us pleasure, relaxes us, and makes us dance, laugh, and cry. However, the beneficial features of music are not limited only to the level of having fun.

Here are seven reasons – some of which we could not even imagine – showing us how important music is and how it improves the quality of our lives.

1. Music reduces stress

If you listen to music on the way to work or play guitar every afternoon, then you are in a better psychological condition than those who don’t, according to a doctorate from the University of Gothenburg, which reveals that if you hear the music you like on everyday basis, then the level of stress decreases.

2. Music protects our hearing

As reported in the Washington Post, a study conducted in 2001 showed that people who were musicians throughout their lives had a better hearing.

2. Music increases heart health

As strange as it may sound, researchers at the University Maryland Medical Center discovered a link between a healthy heart and listening to music. When the study participants were listening to happy music, the diameter of the blood vessels increased to 26 percent, which means that more blood could pass through them. However, the opposite happened when they heard intense and stressful music. The diameter decreased by 6 percent.

4. Music relieves pain

Researchers at the University of Utah Pain Research Center came to the conclusion that listening to music functions as a “distraction” to the people who hurt so they do not feel or not to think about the pain so much.

5. Music enhances memory

Children who attend music classes benefit their brain, according to researchers from Hong Kong. Music lessons are associated with better performance on memory tests, where participants are asked to say from memory the words read from a list.

6. Music protects the brain from aging

Maintaining mental acuity at advanced ages could be extended and improved through musical exercises according to a survey conducted in 2001. Scientists from the University of Kansas Medical Center discovered that people who were steeped in the music during their lives had greater mental acuity and showed higher scores on brain function tests.

7. Music works like massage

Massage is very relaxing, but the same effect can also be reached with the help of music, as stated by the research published in the journal Depression and Anxiety. Scientists from the Group Health Research Institute discovered that people who had 10-hour massage sessions after three months had the same stress levels as those who were listening to music during the same period.

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