It’s comforting to think of guardian angels guiding and protecting us from beyond the physical world, but how do we know they are there? Guardian angels are believed to exist in the spiritual world and resonate at a different frequency to us.

For this reason, they cannot use traditional forms of communication. However, they can manipulate our surroundings. As such, their guidance comes as sudden changes in the environment, profound thoughts, inexplicable coincidences, objects disappearing, and more. Here are 7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you.

7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you

1. Electronic devices suddenly act up

Guardian angels inhabit different frequencies to us. As a result, their sudden appearance clashes with our environment and disrupts electrical signals. This causes electronic devices to act up.

Does your TV channel change without prompting? Has your smartphone frozen or needed a restart and you don’t know why? These are all signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you.

2. Intoxicating smells with no origin

One way guardian angels can communicate is by manipulating the surrounding atmosphere. For example, they can concoct intoxicating aromas that instantly relax and soothe us.

However, when you look for the source of this enticing smell, you can’t find the origin. These are usually floral scents like tea rose, honeysuckle or magnolia. They could be an indication your guardian angel is nearby.

3. Profound messages immediately upon waking after a dream

Certain psychologists place important emphasis on dreams and dream analysis, but spiritualists give more meaning to the thoughts you have upon waking from a dream. Rather than interpreting the dream itself, it’s the message you get as soon as you wake from the dream that is key.

Contributors to forums on guardian angels liken it to receiving a message or statement that’s hard to decipher at first but intended to guide them.

4. Experiencing a warm comforting feeling or touch

Guardian angels appear when we are at our most distressed to provide comfort or reassurance. Their love for us is infinite, and it is this deep connection and feeling of responsibility that sometimes allows them to break through into the physical world as a touch or caress.

You may feel a sense of warmth surrounding your body or notice a tingling on your hands or arms. This is their attempt at consoling you or letting you know you’re not alone.

5. Rainbows or double rainbows without the rain

Rainbows are pretty outstanding at the best of times, but a rainbow without the rain is altogether more significant. Rainbows represent love, hope, and joy, but it can also be a sign your guardian angel is listening to you.

This is pertinent if you are struggling with a decision or have specifically asked for guidance. A rainbow without rain or a double rainbow signifies the right path, but with more journey ahead.

6. Finding feathers of unusual colors

We associate white feathers as a sign from our guardian angels, but did you know that unusual colors have specific meanings?

White represents protection and hope, but what about the other colors? Here is the meaning of other colors:

  • Green: Healing and health
  • Blue: Calm and inspiration
  • Yellow: Joy and happiness
  • Orange: Optimism and change
  • Red: Passion and courage
  • Purple: Spiritual growth and connection
  • Pink: Unconditional love and romance
  • Brown: Stability and security
  • Black: A warning and increased wisdom
  • Grey: Peace and neutrality

7. Objects disappear and reappear

How many times have you searched for something, only to find it is right there in front of you? You could swear blind it wasn’t there a moment ago. I’m not talking about finding a bunch of car keys down the sofa, but an object that is clearly in sight, but you didn’t see it.

It’s like it was invisible all the while you were looking for it. These items are typically big, like a hardback book that you couldn’t possibly miss. This is a sign your guardian angel is mischievous and perhaps having a little fun with you.

How to contact your guardian angel

If you recognize any of the above 7 signs your guardian angel is trying to contact you, you might want to know how you can communicate with them.

Guardian angels do not intervene in your life unless you have asked them to. They may drop hints or try to nudge you towards favorable outcomes, but they exist in the background unless you are in danger.

Here are tips to strengthen your contact with your guardian angel:

  • Find a quiet place and meditate. You can talk out loud or in your head. It doesn’t matter. Your guardian angel is with you all the time and can hear you.
  • Thank your guardian angel for looking after you and invite them into your presence. You can ask their name. Remember, departed relatives or ancestors choose to stay with us on our mortal journey as guardian angels.
  • If you have a problem you need help with, ask them to show you a sign. Or you can manifest your wishes as some people manifest in the universe.
  • Pay attention and act on the messages or advice you receive. Acting on advice awakens your guardian angel and strengthens your bond.
  • Give thanks and be grateful for this extraordinary gift from the spiritual world. Saying thank you regularly is one way you can show love and gratitude. You can light a candle and have a moment’s reflection for the support you’re receiving.

Final thoughts

If you are lucky enough to communicate with your guardian angel, paying attention to the signs they are listening can only empower your relationship in the future.



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