The human brain, just like muscles, needs training, otherwise, it quickly loses the ability to think. But how to make your brain work, if your job is monotonous and you have neither time nor desire to solve crosswords and puzzles?

The point is to find such brain training problems, the solution of which will not require much time and effort. Here is a list of simple, but effective brain training tips:

1. Change your clothing

Scientists say that diverse clothing not only helps you look better but also changes your way of thinking.

2. Try to learn sign language

Of course, learning sign language is not an easy task, especially when there is no urgent need, but it significantly develops the ability of sense perception.

3. Learn new routes and places

Do you get to work over the same route every day? Do you visit the same place when going out with your friends? Forget it! Change your routes and visit as many new places as you can.

4. Get up earlier

The best time for brain activity is the time until noon. So there is no reason to stay in bed until midday – better go to bed an hour earlier.

5. Make up jokes

A sense of humor is necessary and can be developed. Coming up with new jokes sharpens the brain and wit.

6. Turn off the light at night

This exercise trains memory and concentration. In the evening, when you come home, do not turn on the lights and for some time move around in the dark – thus you will involve all the senses, except the eyes.

7. Change the operative hand

If you are right-handed, try for one day a week to do everything with the left hand: eat, type, brush your teeth, and even write.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    Nice tips! I Think that effective if I used it. thanks for this post. I want to try this tips.

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