“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between, he does what he wants to do”

Bob Dylan

Here are 7 habits that will create a great start to the day, eventually making you happier and more productive:

1. A good breakfast

This is a very important morning habit. Oatmeal, eggs, or a ham sandwich will give you a great energy boost for the day.

2. Give compliments

Say something nice to your family and it will lift their and your spirits. Your compliments should not necessarily be about their looks. It is even better if you say something about their skills or personal qualities.

3. Consume positive information at breakfast

Instead of watching the news or reading newspapers full of negative information, watch a comedy program or simply discuss some nice topics with your family at the table. This will give you and your nearest and dearest a great start to the day.

4. Start your day with the most important task of the day

We often postpone the most boring and exhausting tasks for later, which only adds to procrastination and ruins our productivity. If you accomplish the most important task in the morning, it will be easier to cope with other tasks later.

5. Do not rush

When you are doing a certain task slowly, it is easier for you to concentrate, and at the end of the day, you will see that the work is done with higher quality than when you try to maintain a high speed throughout the day. It happens because lower levels of stress keep your mind fresh and allow you to maintain a high energy level even after several hours.

6. Exercise

I strongly recommend that you regularly perform a simple and fast workout in the morning. Thanks to this, you can increase your energy and hormone levels. It will make your day brighter and you will feel stronger. Inner doubts and tensions will fade away and your attitude will be more positive.

If you cannot work out or go to the gym, you can try, for example, going to work by bike.

7. Do something nice for other people

It significantly enhances your self-esteem. You can do a simple act of kindness: helping a person find the way if he or she does not know where to go, or helping an old lady across the street, etc.

Start building your positive attitude with small steps and then expand your circle of good deeds, and your days will always be filled and happy. Doing something nice for someone is for sure a great start to the day for both you and the other person!

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