How to get a perfect night’s sleep? It’s not that difficult. All it takes is to follow a few tips to improve your sleeping environment and change some of your habits.

1. Do not sleep on an old bed

By replacing an old creaky bed with a new one, you add yourself 42 minutes of quality sleep – that was the average result in an experiment conducted by the British company The Sleep Council. And do not forget that the mattress should be replaced every seven years.

2. Perfect temperature

4 hours after you fall asleep, the body temperature reaches the minimum level (which is possible without any consequences for the organism). This provides you a deep sleep. But if the room is too hot, it won’t happen.

The best temperature is between 18°C and 24°C.

3. Your window

There is no need to put light-proof curtains in your bedroom. The best choice is ordinary curtains, screens, blinds, which let light through in the morning.

The natural change of light and darkness is the natural way to regulate the so-called circadian rhythm, which makes you fall asleep and wake up when it is necessary.

4. Turn off your mobile phone

Scientists and doctors repeat over and over again that radiation produced by mobile phones can have severe consequences for your health. Because of it, you do not sleep as deep as you could and do not get enough rest. Turn off your phone all night long.

5. Healthy mess

As a child, you were said to make your bed every morning? Stop it, you’re already an adult. When the sheets are left uncovered, the bed is better ventilated, so that is not a very fertile breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms such as dust mites.

6. Do not forget to turn off the appliances

Blue light from the TV or computer screen shining in your sleepy eyes is very similar to the daylight, sending a corresponding signal to the brain: “it is early for sleep, the day is not over”. An orange shade table lamp neutralizes this effect, but generally, it is better to turn off all appliances.

7. No light

The bright light before bedtime: sun, 100-watt lamp, or a flashlight to the eye – can result in more than 50% reduction of melatonin, a hormone responsible for your “switching off”.

Dim the lights in the house a couple of hours before bedtime. To make a difference, you can, for example, use a smart dimmer instead of the usual switch – it allows you to turn down the light gradually, just like in the cinema.

Scientific studies show that following these simple tips will help you get that perfect night’s sleep you crave.

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