Are you good at solving riddles and puzzles? Try these eight short puzzles and riddles which require some thought but certainly will make you pass the time pleasantly.

1. Mary arrives at her new job, in a 60-storey building. While she is waiting for the elevator to go to her office, she sees that it is broken. Of course, she doesn’t want to climb up 60 floors on foot. Nevertheless, she must reach the office. What does she do?

2. A man in a restaurant asks the waiter to bring him a plate, an empty glass, water, a match and a slice of lemon. The man fills the plate with water and says to the waiter: “If you can move the water from the plate to the glass without touching or moving the plate, I will give you 100 euros.” A few minutes later, the waiter

 walks away with 100 euros in his pocket. How did he manage to do it?

3. It is something that the Pope has, but doesn’t use it. Your father has it, but your mother uses it as well. It is something that nuns do not need. The one of Arnold Schwarzenegger is too big. The one of DeVito is relatively small. What’s this?

4. Little Anna is alone at home as her parents are missing in an unexpected journey. At night, she hears noises and goes out of her room to see what is happening, and someone grabs her from behind and squeezes her neck. “Give me all the money that there is in the house,” he tells her, but she replies that there is no money. Suddenly, the phone rings. “If I do not answer, they will worry,” says little Anna, and the robber lets her, provided she not say anything on the phone, threatening her with a knife. Anna picks up the handset and says to her classmate who is calling: “Hi Jenny, how are you? Remember those notes I lent you? Unfortunately, I need them back. They would help me in reading for the exam. It is urgent, so if you can come and bring them to me in the next days, it would be great. Yes, goodnight.” The robber, pleased that she didn’t say anything suspicious, approaches again and threatens her with his knife. Finally she says that there is money in her parents’ room. They go into the room and he starts looking for money, until he hears the siren of a police car and rushes to leave. Eventually, the robber gets caught in the exit doors, while Anna sees Jenny and thanks her. “Smart kids!” exclaims a policeman. What had happened?

5. Someone asked the director of a madhouse what criteria determine who should be admitted to it. He said that one of the tests is the following: “We fill a bathtub with water, and give someone a spoon, a cup and a bucket, and then ask him to empty the bathtub.” What you would you use to empty it out?

6. A farmer challenges an engineer, a physicist and a mathematician to a competition: he gives each of them a piece of fence of the same length to compete over who will manage to fence the largest piece of land.

The engineer made a circular fence and said that this is the most effective way of fencing.

The physicist made a long straight line and said that it extends indefinitely and he managed to fence half the planet.

The mathematician burst out laughing, and with the way of fencing he used, he won the competition.

What did he do?

7. AU.S.college offered the course “Probability and its application in the real world”, but there was something

8. A man is trapped in a room, which has only two possible exits. The one leads to a room made of magnifying glass, and the sun burns whoever enters it. The second leads to a room with a deadly dragon that shoots fire from its mouth. How can the man escape from the room? special about it: there were no tests or tasks, but only one final exam. At the end of a year, the professor gave only one question in the exam: “What is risk?” Several of the students managed to pass it, but only one of them got 100 of 100, having written only one word. Can you find what it was?

P.S. Answers coming soon!


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