memory strategies1. 5-10 minutes after you wake up count backwards from 100 to 1 as fast as you can.

2. Repeat the alphabet, finding a word for each letter. If you have forgotten a letter or can’t find a word, don’t stop. Pace is important.

3. Find twenty male and female names.

4. Select any letter of the alphabet and find twenty words starting with it.

5.Close your eyes and count to twenty.

6.You may learn poetry. The point is to do it gradually and regularly, constantly increasing volume of memorized text. You should like the poetry you learn. If you will learn it by force you are not going to achieve good results.

7. In the evening before going to bed, remember all the events of the day, watching them like a movie, in reverse order from the evening to the morning. You should try to remember as more details as you can. The main rule of this exercise is not to concentrate on negative events.

8. Make associations. You can try to memorize events, giving them associations. For example, while reading imagine walking down the street. Each word is a part of this street. So placing facts/words on the route you usually take to go to a supermarket, you can easily memorize them. Each time memorizing new information, take a new route.

The point is to enjoy memory training, as well as to realize its necessity. So next time you won’t find it difficult to remember the title of the movie you just watched yesterday.


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