It is in everything we see, touch, smell, and taste. It raises emotions and memories, and a single view of it is food for thought. It can affect our lifestyle and the choices we make. But there are some facts you didn’t know about colors.

We all know the importance of color in our lives, as well as a few things about it, but did you know that men see red color quite differently than women do?

Here Are Some More Facts You Didn’t Know about Colors

1. The red color is different in women’s and men’s eyes

While women easily distinguish shades like maroon, burgundy, purple and brown tones, men just see red. The explanation for this is very simple and is based on the composition of the DNA. Researchers at the University of Arizona recently isolated the gene that is responsible for perceiving and interpreting the color red.

As we know, women have two X-chromosomes, while men have only one. Since the red color gene is located in the X-chromosome, women better perceive color variations within the red spectrum.

2. The silver color will save your life

When buying a car the best color to choose is silver. That’s because silver vehicles are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents since this color makes them more visible on the streets in low light conditions.

3. Bright colors will help you gain more friends

Colors are responsible for 60-90% of the first impression we have of an unknown person. So get rid of dull and black clothes and put color in your wardrobe, to make impressions that will remain unforgettable to others. And who knows, it may also play an important role in getting a job or finding a soulmate

4. Blue is the most common favorite color

Most people in the world prefer blue and have purple as their second favorite color. 40% of people worldwide choose blue as their favorite color, while purple is the second color to prefer.

5. Colors can be scary to some people

It is called chromophobia and is a rare disorder that causes an irrational fear of colors. Sufferers often strongly react to certain color shades, while it is not uncommon for the patient to try to avoid colors in general. Symptoms include nausea, feelings of panic, increased heart rate and blood pressure, generalized anxiety, headaches, and even seizures…

6. Yellow makes you feel hungry

Yellow and orange both strongly stimulate the appetite. They are widely used in restaurants and fast-food chains in order to keep the appetite of the customer… insatiable.

7. Color is a fiction

Technically speaking, it is all in our heads: color does not exist in the real world, but there are just different wavelengths of light, translated into colors by the human brain.

It is the desperate attempt of the brain to decode the vast number of external stimuli that formed the shades and tones of colors. So any disagreement on a particular color is meaningless since everyone perceives and decodes colors in a completely different way…

8. The color palette was discovered by Newton

In 1666, Isaac Newton gave the world the color palette, the best tool to our days for someone to understand the color spectrum that the human eye sees. Once we become familiar with the basic and complementary colors, we can start the process of understanding color harmony.

I bet this list has some facts you didn’t know about colors. Which fact did you find the most interesting and unbelievable?

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