If you’re used to forgetting your dreams, there are techniques that can improve this. Our mysterious world teaches us how to remember dreams.

In case you never knew, the area that’s responsible for creating long-term memories, the prefrontal cortex, lies dormant when we are sleeping. This is why dreams are so hard to remember. If dreams end before we wake, we most assuredly won’t remember them either. With this bad news, it seems as though we might never find out how to remember our dreams. But that’s not true.

Capturing our dreams

So the objective is to remember what we dream about so that we can learn the meaning of our nighttime wanderings. Take a look at 8 ways to remember your dreams. Maybe these steps will guide you into those magical realms of sleeping and give you the answers you seek.

1. Develop the habit to record something every day upon waking

All new habits take about 21 days to develop, so you must record something every morning for 21 days. Even if you do not remember your dreams, write something as soon as you wake up. Remember that feelings are equally important for the interpretation of dreams, as images and words, and can help reveal a large part of the dream.
But if you do not remember anything, then write something, even as simple as “I don’t remember my dream today.” Things you write are not as important as the act of writing because you make your subconscious work. This gives you something to write.

2. Always have a pencil, notebook or recorder next to your bed

When you start working on the method of how to remember your dreams, it is necessary to record them immediately upon waking. Dreams quickly slip out of the memory, often within seconds after you wake up. Jotting down your dreams will help you remember to repeat this action until you are recording something every time you wake.

3. Learn to wake up before the alarm

The shock from sound, music or radio can easily cause you to forget what you dreamed. Alarms are just that – they are shocking and horribly loud noises designed to rip you right out of your reverie.

Try to give yourself a command to wake up at a certain time which causes the subconscious to wake you before the alarm. This will help you avoid the loud deterrent.

4. Try to remember your dreams after a nap

Set your alarm clock for 20 or 30 minutes. It is believed that it is easier to remember dreams after a quick nap because in this case, the brain does not enter the phase of deep sleep where there are fewer dreams. Some physicians even say that shorter sleep times is actually healthy.

5. Give your memory the command to recall your dreams upon waking up

This is an exercise that needs practice. Think of your memory as a muscle that should be trained in order to grow stronger. Repetitively speak strength into your memories in order to recall things better.

6. If these techniques do not work on you, try reverse psychology

Give yourself the command not to remember any dream. Sometimes the subconscious is “reverse” and refuses to do what you are saying. So try telling it not to do what you really want to do.

7. Read something spiritual at bedtime

This can help provoke the emergence of a few subconscious visions related to your daily life. These will appear in your dreams and help you interpret them.

8. If you finally recall a particular feeling, try to connect this feeling to an image or situation.

In this case, try to find traces of the dream in your memory. This technique can bring back a piece of the dream. If you’ve had these dreams before, they will return, more often than not. When this happens, remember to write down all details before they are forgotten.

Dreams are fleeting

Dreams come and disappear quickly. Some may return in what’s called repetitive images or sounds, but many of them never do. In order to understand how to remember dreams, think fast, and utilize these steps. Maybe, after a bit of practice, you can fill a journal and decipher their meaning.

Although many people are predisposed to remembering their dreams due to heightened sensitivity, you too can remember your dreams with a little practice.

Never give up!


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