In 1936, the American writer Dorothea Brande in her book «Wake Up and Live» offered some fun exercises for brain power to help you make your mind sharper and more flexible.

These exercises are aimed to get you out of your usual environment, adopt a different perspective (even a different reality, if you want), and experience a situation that will require ingenuity and creative solutions.

8 Weird but Effective Exercises for Brain Power

1. Spend 1 hour a day without saying anything. However, don’t avoid answering direct questions in your usual day-to-day routine and do this without giving the impression that you are offended or in a bad mood. Behave as normally as possible. Do not make any comments and do not give in to other people’s attempts to extract information from you.

2. For 30 minutes a day, think of one and the only subject. Stay completely focused on it. You can start with five minutes.

3. For 15 minutes a day, keep a conversation without using the words “I, me, my, mine.

4. Allow the person you are communicating with to talk only about themselves without realizing it. Use questions and get them back to the conversation so that they don’t feel any pressure or negative emotions.

5. Try to talk only about yourself without boasting, without complaining, and without making the people you are talking to get bored.

6. Make a strict plan for performing specific tasks for two hours a day and follow that plan.

7. Give yourself 12 random tasks, such as walking 20 miles from home without using any means, staying 12 hours without food, having breakfast in the most unexpected and unlikely place that you can find, or avoiding to talk all day except for giving answers to other people’s questions.

8. During the day, say “yes” to all questions and suggestions (within reasonable boundaries).

These exercises for brain power may seem silly and useless in the beginning, but in fact, they can help you improve your life and get to know yourself better.

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