The following personality test consists of just 9 questions. Your answers will reveal interesting things about your personality and life.

In each question, you are asked to describe something. Remember that the things you should describe are not related to each other!

  1. You see a ladder. What does it look like? Will you climb it?
  2. You see a house. Describe it, for example, is it old or new, big or small? Will you enter?
  3. You see a bear. What will you do when you face it?
  4. You see a street. Describe it.
  5. You find keys. What material are they made of? Will you take them with you?
  6. You see a candleholder. What material is it made of?
  7. You see a horse. What will you do to it?
  8. You see a cube. Describe its material, size, and whatever else comes to your mind.
  9. Draw in a piece of paper the ladder, the horse, and the candlestick in any order you want.


personality and life test

1. The ladder shows your professional progress. The climb is associated with achievements and progress, while the descent means the opposite thing.

2. The house is death. If you entered it, it either means that you are reconciled with it, or that such an event has left a strong imprint on your life.

It may also mean that you are too risky and are looking for adventures, for example, if you imagined a dark and haunted house with iron door, wooden shutters, and spider nets…

3. The bear represents sex and sexual behavior that you have with your partner. For example, if you said that you would stay still and wait to see what the bear would do, it could mean that you don’t take initiatives and tend to wait till your partner gets you to know what he/she wants.

4. The street is your life. For example, if you imagined a bidirectional street with new roads and clear sidewalks, it means that everything is going all right in your life and you do not face many obstacles.

5. Keys are your friends. Whether they are old or new and how much you wanted to take them with you can say how close you feel to the people around you and how important they are your life.

6. The candlestick is the love you receive from others. Glass is something fragile. Crystal is the same but a little heavier, more expensive, and more valuable. Metal is something solid that doesn’t break easily, however, it gets oxidized and turns into rust. It wants frequent cleaning and maintenance.

7. The horse represents your partner. Your answer to this question reveals how you treat your partner (or the idea about a partner) and how you behave in a relationship.

8. The cube is your personality. The plastic shows someone who is strong, with fixed opinions that do not change easily. The glass is a fragile object. Any kind of soft material shows very sensitive people. The wood has the property to be both hot and cold.

9. The sketch you drew reveals your priorities and your view of life. For instance, if you drew yourself climbing the stairs, riding the horse, and holding the candlestick in hand, then your view of life is very conscious and balanced.

You do not put anything above the other and can’t imagine achieving your professional goals without the participation, assistance, and presence of your partner.

What truth did the test reveal about your personality and life? Share them with us below!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Otto Nhan

    Mil grazie Anna,

    Your posts are eclectic and the artwork is beautifully rendered. One sees much depth, detail, colored layers through your mind’s eye.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Brook

    I’m not usually a fan of personality tests but I liked this one, it was unique in its approach. Another great post.

  3. Riru

    My answers:
    1. It is not a wide staircase. It is yellow. When I climb it, I get out of the basement.
    2. It is an old, small house with a blue roof. I would not enter.
    3. I would be very scared. Depending on what the bear is, results in what my actions would be. Either that, or I back away slowly and run.
    4. The street is has cars running and busy people walking on the sidewalk, passing by the shops. They look cold or bored.
    5. They are gold keys. Depending on where I am, I would take them.
    6. The candle holder is made out of gold. It has intricate designs. Other than that, I saw Lumier from Beauty and the Beast.
    7. I would pet the horse if it didn’t seem hostile. I would try to talk to it to see if it’d notice me and respond.
    8. It is a rubix cube.
    9. IDK but I drew all of them alone. A ladder, horse and candlestick. Nothing more. Other than that, I imagined a brown ladder resting on a wall, a horse in the desert waiting to take orders, and a candlestick on a table, surrounded by food like in Beauty and the Beast(recently I’ve been watching that movie).

  4. Eve

    My horse is upside down on top of a vertical ladder with a candlestick burning its butt. Am I strange?

  5. Hailey

    1. Upward spiral, as though it were in a castle
    2. An old shack with broken windows. I would be hesitant, but I would enter.
    3. Stay still, panic on the inside, but stay my ground.
    4. Dark, abandoned and with few streetlamps
    5. Golden, three pronged handle with bright candles
    6. Leave it be, I wouldnt be able to catch it anyway
    7. It is a rubiks cube

  6. frank

    a horse ? a bear ? malarkey ! please… a sensible honest straight forward directly related to subject question/answer approach provides for better reasoned more insightful reflections simplifying communications.

  7. Kelli Rice

    When I imagined the street I saw two visions. They were both clear with a rustic feeling to it- but one street was dark and damp while the other was bright and felt happy. I can’t really decipher that.

  8. Francis Guillory

    I’d hate to be Frank, but jokes aside. This was such a creative experiment! I really enjoyed relating and seeing the inner workings of my personality surface through my answers! I ended up drawing a majestic horse holding a clear plastic dice that had smaller dice dancing around inside it. While an ivy ladder climbed up the side of a modern cottage in the background. The glimmer of candles inside the home showed a bone candelabra resting on a table.

    There is so much more I gathered from this article I’ve left to dissect and interpret! The bear makes for a great example of how we would approach intimacy, and really made me think about how I handle those boundaries.

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