What if you could absorb and transfer energy from and to another human being?

Many things you thought were fantastical may actually be real. For instance, vampire movies show creatures of darkness stealing blood from their victims. Why? Because vampires draw energy from their victims which aids in their supernatural healing and longevity. And yet, you might not be a fan of the vampire, but the idea of energy transference is interesting, isn’t it? Well, there could be some truth in all this, and it starts with plants.

So what does a plant have to do with a vampire? Not much in the creepy scheme of things, but there are a few connections that could shed light on our future in energy transference.

It starts here

At Bielfield University, a biological research team discovered that plants can draw energy from other plants. It all started with the green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This Alga has an alternative source of energy other than its use of photosynthesis. If you’re not familiar with the word, photosynthesis means drawing energy from light, water and carbon dioxide. By now, you get the idea.

Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse observed that when the Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii had a shortage of energy from its ordinary routine, it could draw energy from neighboring cellulous by secreting enzymes breaking the cellulous down into sugar. This is transported into the Alga’s cells and turned into energy. It’s a simple way of taking life force from other plants.

Professor Kruse said,

This is the first time that such a behavior has been confirmed in a vegetable organism. What we are seeing is plants eating plants.

Of course, this gives rise to the idea that the energy draw can be found in other species of Alga as well. Other plants, more than just single-cell organisms, can feed off energy as well.

But what we really want to know is how this affects us as human beings. Well, it could very well be possible that human beings can draw energy from other human beings just the same. Remember the vampire? Yeah, now it’s hitting a little closer to home.

Although, in this case, the energy transference doesn’t have to be hostile. Sharing is a better word for what occurs in most cases – just a friendly offering of strength in a time of need. Unfortunately, if humans transfer and absorb energy, they don’t always know they are doing so.

Is this true? Can we really absorb and transfer energy from and to other human beings? Are we capable of pulling strength and power from other life forces – humans?

Human energy transference

Looking at logic, we can see the connection between plants and human beings. Just like plants need light and water to survive, so do we. And if plants can draw the same types of energy from other plants, then why can’t we? Depending on our environment, humans can draw different vibes from their surroundings, like a sponge. It’s making a little more sense now, right?

Psychologist and energy healer, Olivia Bader-Lee says,

This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotion.

Bioenergy is evolving even though the claim that humans are able to transfer energy just like plants remains speculative. But be careful! If human energy transference is real, then there really could be ‘vampires’ out there stealing energy from us. I never said everyone had good intentions. It’s important to be aware at all times of your surroundings and mindset.

Here’re a few ways to clear your space and prevent energy drainage.

  • This one’s going to sound a little backward, but bear with me. If you are in a group of people or even around one person who makes you feel uncomfortable, do not resist association to protect yourself. Resistance actually captures the negative energy and works in the opposite way. It’s better to remain transparent so that opposing energy can pass straight through you. You will retain strength in this manner.
  • Protect your aura by owning your own space. Learn the perimeters of your aura and become familiar with the details of your personal space. This way no one can steal your aura.
  • Stay grounded in yourself, your true identity. This requires letting go of the ego and the desire to control every situation – analyzing every detail. When energy comes from others, maybe the unwelcome kind, then you will be able to let the energy flow through and out of your stable being.
  • Never let your own energy get too far away from you. What I mean is, when projecting your energy to help others, you must be careful to keep yourself stabilized. Imagine a bright focal point when your energy can dwell or gravitate towards that will keep it close and safe.
  • The final way to prevent draining is to cleanse your energy. The high vibration of gold light is efficient at clearing foreign energy. All it takes is seeing a source of this light above you which pushing outside energies through your aura and out of your body. When this is complete, you will feel like yourself again.

While there is no solid evidence to confirm the claim that humans can exchange energy as plants do, I believe that it is something worth thinking about. Isn’t this an exciting time to be alive! Just remember, there may not be any vampires wandering around, not like in the movies, but you must be aware of those pesky foreign energies. Here’s one last word about why we feel so connected to plants and nature.

Bader-Lee says,

The human can absorb and heal through other humans, animals and any part of nature. That’s why being around nature is often uplifting and energizing for so many people.

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  1. Chantelle Weich

    Thanks for this!
    What about the food cooked by others and the energy transferred (unknowingly) into the food that you eat. Your typical person working in fast food joints aren’t necessarily the ones you want to TAKE energy from. Because TAKE you WILL.

    Even worse, what about the energy in that flesh/meat that is eaten. The animal – how humanely slaughtered (bull dust) – or not. Very bad energy consumed there.

    Food that you pick yourself with a sense of gratitude, is full of ‘ light’ energy.

    Do you have any scientific research to back this (truth) up?

  2. Michael

    OK, I am very familiar with pulling and pushing life energy from myself and from others. I cured myself of the incurable, I suffered many years with Cluster Headaches, these were incurable, or so I was told. I had thought of placing the process in print, but I too know it can be used with bad intent, so I have not. This was the first article I’ve seen that somewhat understands part of the process, with out getting full of to much mystical bs, just my opinion.

    Thank you for the article

  3. Angeal

    I recently started working as a caregiver at a lady’s house and I started helping her with her gardening she then told me that her planerium plant had never bloomed since she got it over 13 years ago I always had this idea In my head that we can transfer energy… sooo i started trying to transfer my energy by holding it and putting positive vibes it’s way and 4 weeks later it bloomed 16 flowers and it’s still blooming there is no doubt in my head that this is fact.

  4. Davion Robinson

    Its like people feel what I think. It happens NORMALLY, when i’m walking down the street, at the worst moments. When I don’t want it to happen, Its like I can put on a block and not let my thoughts travel to them.When i’m not constantly controlling my thoughts to stay in my brain. Sometimes people also react emotionally to what ever I’m thinking about. I can distract peoples minds to think the situation or person is some other than what it is without saying a word. What I think travels to that person, in their gut, then what I was thinking about is what they are thinking about, just in their perspective. To me, I just sent a thought to them. To them, its just a random thought that they think came on their on ability.

  5. Eugene Lusk

    Having a true and giving energy resides in us all, this is why we process our emotional response in either destructive or motivational ways. whatever our circumstances, whatever or environment and whatever our heart is feeling at the time and with this energy is truth of what we really are. although damaged by our own self desires built upon our own insecurities it relies on us all to put the work in to change. to not want to soak up the propagandas of our dulled down society, that obsessed with reality tv shows to fill the void that is just the lack of us wanting to try and fill a void and forget about that energy. so in retrospect you just have to continue to fuel the machine and oil it daily until the energys that we fill our bodys with is the one that we can give to the world and to open ourselves up to another adventure of self reflection.

  6. JO

    Just wondering — if doing artwork – is this a way of transforming energy from negative to positve? any thoughts on that? thanks

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