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A lot of researchers have recently started to conduct a variety of experiments to understand whether or not the human consciousness has any effect on the physical world. A lot of experiments have already drawn conclusive results aiming towards the subtle effect that human mind has on the surrounding material world. One such experiment is the double slit experiment in which meditators and non-meditators were given specific instructions that could alter the predicted results.

The double slit optical system has a certain ratio of interference that is related to its single and double slit spectral power. The hypothesis, keeping in mind previous research in this field, was that if observers directed their attention towards the optical system, there would be a significant decrease in this ratio, and if their attention was away from the system, the results would be similar to the predicted ones.

The experiment was conducted by changing different variables one at a time. For some set of experiments non-meditators were used. In another set of experiments meditators from a temple were used. In one of the sets of experiments, apart from giving instructions to focus towards or away from the optical systems, two different types of music also played in the background. When the participants were asked to focus their attention away from the system, soft continuous tone played in the background. When they were asked to focus their attention towards the optical system, then music with the same pitch as that of the perturbations in the wavefunction played in the background.

The results for each set of experiments were surprising. With meditators focusing their attention towards the optical system, the decrease in the interference ratio was far more significant than the decrease caused by non-meditators; hereby proving that people with a larger capacity to focus caused the greatest changes in the predicted results as compared to those who had lower capacity to focus. The music also interfered with the predicted results in the similar manner: the music of the same pitch as the perturbations of the wavefunction caused a larger decrease in the interference ratio.

With the results of such experiments stacking up, it has now become hard for physicists to actually deny the fact that our consciousness plays a role in shaping the reality around us, however subtle it may be. Using the power of our minds, we can make our surroundings be similar to the state of our consciousness.

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