People with the architect personality type or INTP are some of the quirkiest and hardest to understand. Many things they do and say may confuse others.

INTP is one of the rarest personality types, according to the Myers-Briggs classification. These people seem to have their own perception of the world, which doesn’t make much sense to those around them. The architect personality is known for a set of quirks and contradictory traits which contribute to this misunderstanding.

Here are some examples:

1. INTPs don’t care about people’s opinions but feel awkward and anxious at social events

INTPs are of those people who value independence and freedom of thought most of all. Among other things, the architect personality tends to be independent of social expectations and the opinion of other people.

Commonly, INTPs just don’t find things like social acceptance, admiration and attention worth spending their time and energy on. They simply don’t care about this stuff so much.

On the other hand, the architect personality type is one of the most socially awkward ones. They have a hard time trying to establish and maintain a social contact.

Being around other people often drains them and makes them feel uncomfortable and anxious. It feels particularly intense at large social gatherings and in the company of people who don’t have much in common with the INTP.

This is quite contradictory because an INTP will never make conscious efforts to win everyone’s attention and admiration. At the same time, they may get disappointed and angry with themselves because of their social ineptness and inability to easily find a common ground with other people.

2. INTPs may seem cold and distant but are sensitive and caring deep inside

INTPs often seem indifferent and overly rational when they deal with interpersonal relationships. For example, someone with the architect personality type will never pretend to be nice and interested in someone just to show that they have good manners. They simply see no sense in having a nice chitchat with their neighbors or tolerating a distant relative who asks embarrassing personal questions.

An INTP always looks for a reason and meaning in everything, so if these don’t exist, they won’t bother wasting their time on it.

At the same time, INTPs are some of the most loyal and sincere people when it comes to close relationships. No matter how reserved and distant they may be with others, they are funny and easygoing with their loved ones. They just have a different comfort zone around different people.

Moreover, INTPs are deeply sensitive – even though they rarely show it – and get hurt easily. They tend to bottle up their emotions and spend hours overthinking and worrying about their relationships. The architect personality type just doesn’t like to show their feelings to others, even the closest ones.

No matter how cold and distant they may seem sometimes, be sure that your INTP is fiercely loyal and deeply cares about you.

3. INTPs long for deep conversations but fail to express themselves well when actually talking to people

INTPs are deep thinkers who can’t live without reflecting on existential matters and trying to understand the essence of everything.

If you have the architect personality type, you will know that feeling when you can’t sleep at night because of your overactive mind. You just lie in your bed, desperately trying to find the answer to an eternal question or the solution to a life situation. You think over different scenarios and finally, reach some conclusion. It all sounds so sensible and well-formulated in your head.

However, when you try to share your thoughts with your colleagues in the next morning, they look confused and don’t quite understand what you mean. Thank social awkwardness for that – it often makes an INTP sound less capable and intelligent than they actually are. But it’s not the only problem the architect personality faces here.

An INTP can’t always find someone to have a deep conversation with. It often happens that those around them are not really interested in all these matters that fascinate and puzzle an INTP. This can be a real struggle, especially in today’s shallow society which cultivates narrow-mindedness and stupidity.

The truth is that the architect personality type loves to talk to people, but only when the conversation topic is worth it. Why spend your time on having a boring small talk about TV shows or food when there are so many intriguing things to discuss? This is the way an INTP sees it.

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