it ever happened to you to be in deep relaxation, then sleep and wake suddenly, felt like if you slipped out of your body for a while?

If you have ever experienced this, then you are in the enviable percentage of those who has had an out of body experience.

Although it is also called astral travel or astral projection, the official term is OBE (Out of Body Experience) as it is registered by the research labs studying the phenomenon. Among them are the universities of Oxford, of Bristol, of Brazil, of Edinburgh, the Duke University, and Stanford Research Institute.

A few years ago a major survey at the psychology department of the University of Brazil took place, during which a large number of people were asked the question: “Have you ever seen in reality (not in a dream) your physical body from a position completely out of it?”. 31% of respondents said yes, while more than half said they had this experience at least three to four times.

Other studies conducted with the participation of people who were able to come out of their body at will had really interesting results: voltage loss of the physical body, which led the researchers to conclude that the nature of the second (astral) body is basically electrical.

The experiences of mystics

Belief that humans have another body, apart from the material, is ancient and universal, so in all languages ​​of the world there is always a word that defines this “second body”. African magicians Indians of America, shamans of Tibet and Siberia practice astral travel.

There is a mention about the second body in Homer’s “Odyssey”, indicating that it was not Helen who followed Paris to Troy, but her reflection while she was in Egypt. But even Aeschylus in the “Agamemnon” refers to the ability of Beautiful Helen to manifest herself with another, spectral body.

The ancient mystics seem to have deepened in this mystery and had attained the ability to control their astral body and make it visible at will. So they were able to appear in two places at once!

But where can one travel with his astral body? Carlos Castaneda, a student of the Indian shaman Don Juan, recorded his experiences in a book series, saying that what someone’s astral body is experiencing depends on the level of the evolution of consciousness. He claimed that the astral body can be moved at a small distance, staying close to the physical body, get to another dimension and meet higher beings or have the unpleasant experience of meeting lower astral entities. Everything is a matter of thought frequency and the quality of the psyche.

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