astral travelProbably all of you have heard of astral travel. For some of you, astral travel idea seems crazy. But astral travelling was practiced throughout history, and there are thousands of documents and scientific experiments that demonstrate that astral travel is real. People are afraid of astral travel, as “sleep paralysis” may occur (a consequence of astral travel).

Skeptics have some reasons to reject the idea of astral travel:

  1. They think that in reality astral experiences are just dreams (It is wrong, since astral travel is a really aware experiment, thousands of people confirm this).
  2. They believe that those who practice astral traveling are always under the influence of drugs or alcohol (Wrong! In fact, drug or alcohol prevents any astral travel. Moreover, there are people who do astral travelling since the early age: 6 or 12 years).
  3. They believe that those who do astral travel are doing it for advertising, money or attention. (Although there are some who do it for these purposes, most do it to enrich their spiritual experience).

There are also some who believe that astral travels are evil and satanic (which is totally wrong!). Even the Bible talks about astral travel:

“Before the silver cord breaks and the golden bowl breaks and pitcher to spoil at the spring and fountain wheel to be smashed, and before the dust returns to the earth as it was and the soul to return to God who gave it.” (Ecclesisast 12:6-7).

The above passage speaks of what happens when we die. “Silver cord” represents the connection between the physical body and the astral body. When the cord is permanently broken the person dies. “The golden bow” is the 7th chakra, which is the main energy center of the body.

Next here is a technique for astral travel. For this, it is preferable that this journey is done at 4 am. Why? Because then you will not be disturbed by the environment and you will have a rested and peaceful mind. So here is what you need to do astral travel:

  1. Have an open mind. Any negative thoughts will prevent you from doing this experiment;
  2. After you get up at 4 am, get out of bed and wash your face with water;
  3. After a few minutes, go back to bed and lie down. You will probably feel tired and you want to go back to sleep;
  4. Close your eyes and clear your mind. It should be quite easy, since you have slept a few hours;
  5. Then, imagine sitting in a room somewhere, maybe somewhere in the far corner. With enthusiasm, you will see yourself sitting there. You sit there and know that your body is lying on the bed. Focus your mind around this concept;
  6. Begin to say in mind the following: “I will make astral journeys. I will leave the body.” Say this several times, imagining that you are on the other side of the room.
  7. While doing this, you will begin to slowly fall asleep. Make sure that the idea that you are on the other side of the room will stay in your mind before you fall asleep.
  8. You may experience some of the following sensations:
  • Floating;
  • Diving;
  • Vibrations;
  • White or light blue;
  • Rumble;
  • Strange noises.

Experiencing one or more of these sensations will be terrifying at first, but you should know that these are all positive signs and you have nothing to be afraid of.

First time when you are outside your body do not stay too long in this condition. Floating above the room, get used to the astral plane and then you can return your body. You can make another astral travel after 24 hours. It is possible that a guide will wait for you. This guide will oversee the journey and take you where you want.

If, after several attempts, you will not do astral travel, do not be discouraged. If you feel any of the sensations of point 8, know that you are on the right track. Think about astral travel all day. Read books on astral traveling, try them every night. And you see that eventually you will manage to succeed in astral journeys.

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