Do you think that you are constantly attracting the wrong people? Well, don’t rush to draw conclusions.

As human beings, we have immeasurable encounters with other people on a daily basis. Some people influence us, some negatively affect us, some don’t affect us at all.

However, there are certain people in our lives that we may attract that we just don’t suit, but it isn’t your fault!

It is human nature to develop relationships with other people and believe it or not, you will learn something from every relationship you have ever had, whether you realise it or not.

Certain people make an impact from the start and those people will always be remembered, even if they aren’t in your life anymore. Other people come and go without so much as a second thought.

Whatever the case may be, you are constantly attracting people in your life and it’s okay if you don’t always gel with all of them and feel some of them are the wrong people.

When it comes to romantic relationships, we are often led to believe that there is only one person for us and that having various partners throughout our lives is simply our search for ‘the one.’

However, if we all lived our lives with the person we had our first (and therefore only) romantic encounter with, the world would be full of unhappy people. We require interactions with various people in order to know what we want, what we are willing to accept and simply to experience other people.

Loving relationships make us become the person we are meant to be, they teach us about ourselves and they allow us to gain so much from the relationship. By having more than one failed relationship in your life, you may feel as though you’re doing something wrong or attracting the wrong people, but you are not.

The universe works in mysterious ways and if somebody has come into your life, then there will be a reason for it. That person may not be the right person for you, but they are the right person for right now – to teach you, to help you grow, to give you another pair of eyes with which to view the world.

Try to cherish all of your relationships and even if you know it won’t last forever, pay attention to the lessons you are learning along the way. Ask questions, learn other people’s perspectives and develop your own voice. Be true to yourself and take lessons from every encounter you have with others and soon enough, attracting the right person for you will become inevitable.

So, don’t worry if you think you are attracting the wrong people because you don’t!

Christina Lawson, B.A.

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