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Alex Moore is a blogger who holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and advocates for mental health awareness in general and a better understanding of schizophrenia in particular. He runs the website www.schizlife.com, where he is disproving myths and is promoting understanding about mental health issues. Through his work, he hopes to raise awareness and crush misconceptions about schizophrenia and other mental disorders to help as many people as possible be their better selves.
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3 Toxic Myths about Schizophrenia Patients That Still Persist in Our Society

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Schizophrenia patients are often portrayed by the media as dangerous individuals. However, is it really so or is it just a wrong depiction? It’s no secret that psychiatry and psychology have progressed tremendously over the past decade. Nowadays, we are seeing mental illness in the new and improved light for the first time in centuries. [...]

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4 Types of Schizophrenia and What Is the Difference Between Them

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There are four types of schizophrenia and they all affect the sufferer in a different way. Knowing these differences will help you understand this mental disorder better. Going through life with the burden of mental illness on your shoulder is hard enough when you suffer from something that’s easy to pinpoint. But when we’re talking [...]

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What High-Functioning Schizophrenia Is Like

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High-functioning schizophrenia is when one can hide the illness when in public but exposing their negative traits behind closed doors. Schizophrenia is a kind of mental condition in which there is a total or partial disconnect between what a person sees and hears and what is real. Most people with schizophrenia can hear, see and [...]