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Bryan Stott is a self-taught free-thinker who enjoys learning about and discussing many topics including the workings of the universe, healthy living, and self-improvement. He is a supporter of awareness for autism and mental health issues. He spends his free time enjoying nature and playing online games with friends.

ADHD Is a Fictitious Disorder Used by Pharmaceutical Companies to Make Profit

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One in 10 children in the US has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Mind-altering stimulant medication is the standard treatment. Many parents are being pressured to medicate their children for what may be unnecessary reasons. ADHD is "a prime example of a fictitious disease," said its scientific father Leon Eisenberg shortly before [...]

Silence Has Some Incredible Effects on the Human Brain, According to Science

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It seems that silence is essential to every human being as it has some incredible benefits for the human brain. We live in an increasingly noisy world. I was thinking about this while sitting outside in the backyard writing this article. It came from the highway a few blocks away, cars driving through the neighborhood. [...]