Colleen Bartlett is a mental health advocate, songwriter, and blogger whose passion is to bring awareness to mental health through her writing and music. She believes in the indomitable resilience of the human heart and spirit and hopes to help others tap into their inner brilliance by sharing her own experiences with honesty and warmth. Colleen doesn’t shy away from the darkness and the struggle. Her mission is to help her readers discover serenity in their lives while she seeks it in her own. Colleen has been featured on reputable websites like and runs her own blog You can find her on Facebook.

6 Eye-Opening Life Lessons to Bring into the New Year

There are a few life lessons you should consider before making your list of New Year's resolutions. I recently took a poll on my Instagram asking my followers: What’s something you learned about yourself during the pandemic? I was surprised by how vast the responses were: "Sometimes, healing happens organically…