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Kirstie Pursey holds a diploma in creative writing from the Open University and works as a writer, blogger, and storyteller. She lives in London with her family of people, dogs, and cats. She is a lover of reading, writing, being in nature, fairy lights, candles, fireside, and afternoon tea. In her long writing career, Kirstie has been published in UK magazines like Woman Alive, Take a Break, and Prima as well as on websites like ElephantJournal.com and Medium. Kirstie has trouble sitting still, which is why she created www.notmeditating.com to share techniques and practices for tuning out the busy mind. She is also the author of the book Not Meditating: Finding Peace, Love, and Happiness Without Sitting Still.
  • William Shakespeare Quotes

7 William Shakespeare Quotes That Are Still Relevant in Today’s Society

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Shakespeare was born 450 years ago, but many of his works are still relevant today. In fact, we use the words he coined and the phrases he invented all the time. So what makes his works so relevant, and what can we learn from quotes by William Shakespeare to this day? One thing that makes [...]

  • introvert hangover symptoms

8 Introvert Hangover Symptoms and How to Avoid and Relieve Them

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Feeling flat, exhausted and emotional? You might just be suffering an introvert hangover. Here's how to treat your introvert hangover symptoms and get yourself back to feeling calm, energised and happy. If you are an introvert, you have almost certainly experienced introvert hangover symptoms. It happens when you have spent a lot of time with [...]

  • thoughts on education

6 Wise Thoughts on Education Which Explain Why Our School System Is Failing

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Our school system has changed little since the 19th century. Yet, the society we live in is worlds apart from the one children were being prepared for a hundred years ago. So, why has the school system not caught up? Here are some thoughts on education that might surprise you. 1. Our education system wasn't really set up to teach [...]

  • creative problem-solving

What Is Creative Problem-Solving and How to Master It with These 8 Strategies

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Often when we have a problem, we try to solve it in the same way we did before. However, some issues cannot be solved with existing ideas and solutions. In this case, we need to turn to our creative side for problem-solving strategies. Creative problem-solving is a way of moving beyond predictable and obvious solutions [...]

  • beautiful words

36 Beautiful Words for Ugly, Embarrassing, Sad or Unpleasant Things

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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to language, it is strange that some beautiful words have meanings that are... well... a bit ugly. Read on to find some words that sound very beautiful but stand for ugly, embarrassing, sad or unpleasant things that you might just like to [...]

  • gifted children struggles

8 Reasons Why Gifted Children May Struggle in Life (and How to Help Them)

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Having a gifted kid is a joy, however, there are certain areas in which these children might struggle. Read on to find out how to support your gifted child and ensure they reach their full potential. Raising gifted children is a huge responsibility. You want to make sure they reach their full potential. However, you [...]

  • great hobbies anxiety depression

7 Great Hobbies That Are Scientifically Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

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Having some great hobbies is a very important part of a balanced life. They give us an opportunity to do something just for ourselves and they can help us recharge after a busy day or week. Hobbies can also be relaxing and relieve depression and anxiety. Here are 10 great hobbies that can help [...]

  • negotiation strategies

7 Negotiation Strategies Used by FBI Agents That Will Help You Get What You Want

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Many FBI agents are highly trained in negotiation strategies. While we may never be in such a high-risk situation as an FBI agent, we can still use their strategies to master social situations and negotiate for what we want and need. Read on for a few tricks that could transform your life. There are many [...]