About Raven Bowie, M.Sc., B.Sc.

Raven Bowie is a licensed social worker specializing in child, adolescent and family psychotherapy. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a bachelor of science degree in Anthropology and Human Biology from Emory University. Mental health & wellbeing is one of Raven's many passions and she works to educate others about the effects of mental health issues and keeping up to date with effective treatment options. She has a keen interest in health, preventative health care strategies, and science. In her free time, Raven enjoys reading science-fiction novels, watching documentaries, and practicing aerial silks.
  • bilingual child parenting

How to Raise a Bilingual Child to Help Them Thrive Later in Life

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Raising a child to be bilingual provides many lasting benefits that will impact all areas of his/her life. Some of the benefits of bilingualism include broadening a child’s perspective of the world, opening up career opportunities later in life, and having a positive impact on their cognitive development. The Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child [...]

  • deal with obsessive thoughts

How to Deal with Obsessive Thoughts When You Have Depression or Anxiety

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Obsessive thoughts and painful feelings are the curses of depression. One of the most agonizing effects this affliction brings with it is intrusive and unwanted thoughts. If you are one of the people who suffer from both anxiety and depression, day-to-day life can feel burdensome because of compulsive thoughts. Unwanted intrusive thoughts can cause a [...]

  • depressive episode

9 Signs of an Impending Depressive Episode and How to Cope with It

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You don’t have to be suffering from clinical depression to experience a depressive episode. If you have been going through unsettling emotional lows, then this article is just right for you. Here are 9 signs of an impending depressive episode and tips on how to deal with it. What is a depressive episode? This is [...]

  • agitated depression

What Is Agitated Depression and What Are Its Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Agitated depression falls under the umbrella of the depression diagnosis. It is a form of depression where the individual is often agitated, restless and angry often. In the past, it was known as “melancholia agitata” but is now referred to as “mixed mania” or “mixed features”. Agitated depression is often seen in people who are [...]

  • Famous People with Schizophrenia

Top 5 Famous People with Schizophrenia in Literature, Science and Art

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Throughout history, famous people with schizophrenia have received recognition and praise for their unique accomplishments and careers. Yet, we rarely hear about their struggles with this mental illness as it's a topic the media does not cover often. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental health disorder affecting approximately 1 percent of the world’s population. There are many [...]

  • child's temperament type

How to Find Your Child’s Temperament Type and Parent Them Accordingly

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The temperament is a set of characteristics and qualities a person exhibits on a daily basis, starting with early childhood. How to find your child's temperament type and how will it help you parent them? There are seven major characteristics making up temperament in children: activity level, approachability, adaptability, mood, intensity, distractibility, sensory threshold. These [...]

  • child development stages piagets theory

4 Child Development Stages According to Jean Piaget’s Theory

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Jean Piaget's theory is a great way to understand the different stages of child development. The author of this theory was Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist known as "the great pioneer of the constructivist theory of knowing". Along with Piaget's theory on child cognitive development, we shall look at the physical changes in children through [...]

  • social media and depression

Social Media and Depression: the Link Is Closer Than You Think

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Could excessive social media use lead to depression? Unhealthy online behavior is a real problem in today's society. Let's talk about its underlying causes and the ways to overcome it. In the modern world, the current debate is whether addiction to technology is bearable or not. The status quo has shifted and the topic to [...]