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Rena Papa is a History major, who loves art, travelling and nature. Photography and music make her life exciting. She loves learning new languages and cultures. Over the past 5 years, Rena has been working as a translator and writer.
  • prehistoric sites The Wheel of Giants

5 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites That Puzzle Researchers to This Day

By |2020-03-24T15:53:38+03:00January 8th, 2016|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , |

Monumental constructions of past eras, such as prehistoric sites and cities, have always been intriguing archaeologists who struggle to reveal their secrets. Here are five prehistoric sites that keep puzzling scientists all over the world, and no one has still managed to solve their mysteries and decode the way of life of past civilizations. 1. [...]

  • lost ancient civilizations

10 Remarkable Ancient Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared

By |2018-09-15T20:33:52+03:00January 3rd, 2016|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , , , , |

Learning about ancient civilizations that disappeared is always fascinating, especially when the reasons of their disappearance are ambiguous or unknown. Let's find out about 10 remarkable ancient civilizations and their mysterious disappearance. 1. The Olmec civilization The Olmec culture blossomed in Mexico from 1200-400 BC and is considered to be the descendant of the Maya [...]

  • archaological findings of 2015

8 Most Intriguing Archaeological Findings of 2015

By |2019-03-11T23:57:59+03:00December 30th, 2015|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , , |

The current year is soon coming to an end. 2015 has offered us a handful of new and unexpected discoveries as well as newest information on existing ones. On the verge of the New Year, let's see some of the most interesting archaeological findings of 2015. 1. Skeletons of nuns discovered in Britain One of [...]

  • psychedelic artworks bruce riley

These Incredible Psychedelic Artworks Are Created by Pouring Paint and Resin onto a Canvas

By |2019-03-02T00:43:36+03:00December 27th, 2015|Categories: Arts & Movies, Food for thought|Tags: , , , |

Bruce Riley is an ingenious artist with a unique style who creates incredibly vibrant captivating psychedelic artworks by using a combination of dripped paints and resins. Riley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and has lived in Chicago since 1994. As a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, he enjoyed spending his time [...]

  • christmas traditions skating

Top 5 Weirdest Christmas Traditions around the World

By |2019-01-25T23:30:06+03:00December 24th, 2015|Categories: Weird & Unbelievable Facts|Tags: , |

Christmas is mostly about celebrations, such as giving gifts, decorating the house or going to church. However, not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way. Let's take a look at some strange and bizarre Christmas traditions, unknown to most people around the world. 1. Decoration of banana and mango trees in India In India, Christmas is [...]

  • unfinished obelisk

Does This Unfinished Obelisk Show That Ancient Egyptians Had Advanced Technology?

By |2020-05-17T17:19:14+03:00December 23rd, 2015|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , |

The unfinished obelisk found in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt, is one of the biggest ancient obelisks. This impressive structure not only makes visitors stand in awe due to its gigantic size, but also offers unusual insights into stone-working techniques developed by the ancient Egyptians. Many other Obelisks can be found all over Egypt as well as [...]

  • geoglyphs Blythe Intaglios

9 Most Mysterious Geoglyphs Around the World

By |2020-06-06T14:44:37+03:00December 19th, 2015|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , |

Enormous geoglyphs located around the globe keep puzzling researchers. These impressive sites trigger intriguing debates about their true meaning and purposes. The question is who and why created these gigantic representations that were designed in extreme precision. Here are the most famous locations with geoglyphs around the world. 1. The Amazon geoglyphs These amazing geoglyphs [...]

  • Pawel Kuczynski

Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski Show What’s Wrong with Today’s World

By |2018-09-15T19:43:42+03:00December 16th, 2015|Categories: Arts & Movies, Food for thought|Tags: , , |

Pawel Kuczynski, a truly brilliant satirical artist, is considered to be one of the most influential contemporary artists in his genre. Having been awarded more than 100 prizes and distinctions (as well as the "Eryk" prize by the Association of Polish Cartoonists in 2005) this newly discovered cartoonist is the observer of reality. Pawel Kuczynski, who [...]